What is mean by occurs?

What is mean by occurs?

It means “to be found or met with; appear,” as in “a phenomenon that occurs around the world”; it means “to come into existence; happen,” as in “an event that occurred on Friday”; and it means “to come to mind,” as in “it occurs to me that the word is quite useful.”

What kind of verb is occur?

1[intransitive] (formal) to happen When exactly did the incident occur?

What is the root word of occur?

occur (v.) 1520s, “meet, meet in argument,” from French occurrer “happen unexpectedly” or directly from Latin occurrere “run to meet, run against, befall, present itself,” from ob “against, toward” (see ob-) + currere “to run” (from PIE root *kers- “to run”).

Did not occur to me meaning?

​never passive(occur to someone) if a thought or idea occurs to you, you suddenly and unexpectedly start to think about it. The thought of giving up never occurred to me.

Is it spelled occurred or occured?

Spelling words isn’t always easy, especially when they contain double letters. In this case, the correct spelling is occurred.

Where do we use occur?

Use the verb occur when an event or a thought happens, like when it occurs to you that you’ve left home without your umbrella. Maybe you didn’t hear the forecast that showers would occur this afternoon.

What is to occur to me?

: to be thought of by (someone) An idea just occurred to me.

How do you use occur in a sentence?

Occurring sentence example

  1. No, nor does Quinn have any idea how or why they are occurring in the first place.
  2. Amber has indeed a very wide distribution, extending over a large part of northern Europe and occurring as far east as the Urals.
  3. Some two dozen distinct species have been described as occurring in man.

[intransitive] to happen When exactly did the incident occur? Something unexpected occurred. Three major events occurred in my life that year. These chemical changes occur naturally. More deaths occur in winter. Opportunities for learning occur spontaneously every day. A new outbreak of smallpox occurred in 1928.

How to spell occur?

occur. [əˈkɜːʳ] intransitive verb. 1 (happen) ocurrir; suceder. to occur again volver a suceder; repetirse; don’t let it (ever) occur again que no se vuelva a repetir (nunca); if a vacancy occurs si se produce una vacante; if the opportunity occurs si se presenta la oportunidad. 2 (be found) darse; encontrarse.

What is the meaning of occur?

When you’ve got a lineup of legends like Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, and the beautifully talented Mary J. Blige in the same place, you know something amazing is going to happen.

How to spell occurs?

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