What is Javs?

What is Javs?

Engineered with 21st-century demands in mind, JAVS provides high-resolution audio-video technology, digital court recording, evidence presentation and more. This opens in a new window.

Why choose Javs for court recording solutions?

At JAVS, we believe that an accurate and accessible record helps create an open and transparent society. That’s why for more than 35 years, we’ve provided scalable, court-specific digital recording solutions to courtrooms throughout the world. Our solutions enable courts to capture, store accurately and publish the official verbatim record.

Why Javs digital AV integration?

At JAVS, we believe that it is everyone’s basic, universal right to have an open, transparent society. The only way to preserve that right is through an accurate and accessible audio/video record of due process. Why Digital AV Integration?

What are the different types of Javs hardware examples?

JAVS hardware examples are the Centro, Nimble, P306, P306B and P412. Centro Centro Configuration Tool 3.1.10 – version 3.1.10 Centro Configuration Setup Executable- Version