What is iaua?

What is iaua?

IAUA, the Ithaca Area Ultimate Alliance, provides opportunities to all players to learn, teach, and play Ultimate while fostering character, competition, and community within Ithaca and surrounding areas. IAUA is a strong advocate of “The Spirit of the Game,” a philosophy that defines the Ultimate culture both on and off the field.

Does iaua endorse or guarantee the qualifications of general members?

IAUA does not endorse or guarantee the qualifications of any General Members in the Certified Directory. It is up the parties engaging a resource to check references and credentials and to arrange any payments for services.

How do I become a member of the iaua?

Membership application has been approved by the IAUA Board of Directors. Acknowledge that they have read and adhere to the By Laws as set forth by the IAUA, including the Code of Ethics. Member in good standing with the IAUA. Attended and completed the Certification Class and passed the Certification Exam for Appraiser, Umpire or both.

Will there be any iaua leagues in 2020?

Thanks to those who voted and to those who participated in the member meeting. IAUA has made the decision based on the survey responses and general data that we will have no leagues in 2020. We will post information and updates as we have them. Thanks to everyone who answered our survey. Stay safe! 1.