What is HDMI main sub?

What is HDMI main sub?

Sub means that the 2nd HDMI just mirrors the main HDMI output. So no, you cannot watch two different sources via HDMI. The nr828 also has a sub out, not Zone 2 HDMI out so it also mirrors the main HDMI out.

What is eARC vs ARC?

eARC stands for Enhanced Audio Return Channel. It’s an improved version of ARC (regular Audio Return Channel).

Do Onkyo receivers support eARC?

HDMI eARC and Amazon Music support comes to Pioneer and Onkyo AV receivers. Onkyo Pioneer has issued a firmware up to enable eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) on a number of recent AV receivers, and simultaneously introduced native support for Amazon Music.

What is the Onkyo TX sr606 receiver?

Enjoy high-definition audio and video processing with the Onkyo TX SR606 7.1 Channel 210 Watt Receiver, a device compatible with multiple media sources that include Blu-Ray disc players, cable satellite boxes, and gaming consoles.

How many HDMI inputs does the Sony tx-sr606 have?

The TX-SR606’s connectivity is highlighted by its four HDMI inputs, which can handle both high-resolution audio and HD video signals up to 1080p. Four HDMI inputs is generous at this price point, and should be enough for most setups–but if you need more you can always add an HDMI switcher.

What is on-screen display (OSD) on the tx-sr606?

On-Screen Display (OSD): The TX-SR606’s on-screen setup menu appears on your connected TV and provides a convenient way to change the AV receiver’s various settings using the supplied remote control. The onscreen setup menu appears only on TV connected to the receiver via HDMI.

What are the tx-sr606 surround back speaker channels used for?

The TX-SR606’s surround back speaker channels enhance the ambience and sound effects of movies. They can also be used with the front left and right channels to provide two separate amplification channels for compatible bi-amping speakers (i. e. those with two sets of input terminals).