What is G80 locking differential?

What is G80 locking differential?

Often referred to as the G80 for its order code, the rear axle locks automatically if one wheel starts to spin, enabling both rear wheels to propel the truck. The added traction lets a 2WD pickup to go places traditionally thought of as 4×4 territory, and further enhances the capability of 4×4 pickups.

Is the G80 a true locker?

It has been a true locker design with gears only, a limited slip design with clutch packs, and now its a limited slip with clutch packs and a locking mechanism.

What is the G80 code?

Is the G80 a Detroit Locker?

The Eaton (eaton.com) G80, also known as the Gov-Loc is a true automatic locker, not a limited-slip differential. It has been an available option on GM trucks for decades. The unit automatically engages when the speed difference between the two tires on the same axle reaches 100 rpm.

How do I test my G80 locker?

The only true way to test the G-80 is to jack both rear wheels off the ground, carefully hold one tire while some one puts the truck in gear. The other tire should start to spin like an open diff should, then the held tire should suddenly engage.

How does G80 locker work?

What is a G80, locker or posi?

G80 is the RPO that is assigned to any of the GM limited slip or locking diffs. The Gov-lock that you linked to is a bit misunderstood. It is basically an on-demand locker that uses a light coil that mechanically signals the clutches to lock up. Its like a limited slip that is open until excessive wheel slip triggers it to apply the clutches.

How to tell if you have locking differential?

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  • Does the GM G80 need LS fluid?

    The G80 calls for syn. GL-5, 75W-90 gear lube. (You can also use 75W-90 in the front diff.) The reason GM says don’t add LS additive on a G80 is because, most ALL GL-5 gear lubes (the G80 uses a GL-5 syn gear lube) contain some amount of LS/FM additive, thats pre-mixed in each bottle. The amount thats pre-mixed wont harm the G80.

    How do you install locking differential?

    Manual Locker. For manual locking,Yukon makes quite a few different locking differentials to fit your needs.

  • Automatic Locker. When it comes to automatic lockers,few brands come close to the Aussie lockers.
  • Air Locker. Air lockers are a newer type of manual locker that you might consider as a sub-group to this model.