What is FSN in usaid?

What is FSN in usaid?

Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs)represent the largest segment of USAID’s workforce, and are critical to achieving Agency goals. FSNs navigate the local, cultural and political realm in which USAID Missions work, speaking the local languages and providing connections throughout the country.

What FSN 08?

Project Management Assistant FSN-08.

What is local compensation plan?

The Local Compensation Plan (LCP) is the basis for all compensation payments to locally employed staff/CCNPSCs. The LCP consists of the local salary schedule, which includes salary rates, authorized fringe benefits, and other pertinent facets of compensation such as health and life insurance, and retirement allowance.

What is FSN 10?

Finance and Operations Specialist (FSN-10)

What is promotion potential 8?

Promotion Potential: 08 (It is a grade 8 position; if you want promotion potential to a grade 9 or higher position, then you should select a job opening that looks like: GS-0303-8/9/11/12 — which means you can move up to a grade 12 in that position over time)

What FSN 7?

Administrative Assistant (FSN-7)

Which is not a direct compensation?

Direct compensation can be in the form of wages, salaries, commissions and bonuses that an employer provides regularly and consistently. Compensation that isn’t considered direct includes benefits, retirement plans, leaves, employee services and education.

What GS level is a college graduate?

GS Levels by Education

GS-1 No high school diploma
GS-7 Bachelor’s degree plus 1 year of full-time graduate study
GS-9 (GS-11 for some research positions) Master’s degree or 2 years of full-time graduate study
GS-9 Law degree (J.D. or LL.B.)

Is HRA part of direct compensation?

Direct compensation refers to monetary benefits offered and provided to employees in return of the services they provide to the organization. The monetary benefits include basic salary, house rent allowance, conveyance, leave travel allowance, medical reimbursements, special allowances, bonus, Pf/Gratuity, etc.