What is FCC?

What is FCC?

A high end restaurant group with multiple brands and cuisines which values design and innovation. Restaurants all located in landmark properties in Shanghai, served by international standard catering team. FCC gives every brand an unique definition nostalgic, artistic, fashionable and delicate.

Is there a Shanghai FCC comms/events manager position?

Seeking Shanghai FCC comms/events manager. We are seeking one or two detail oriented people to assist the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents’ Club with communications and events. The best fit for this position is someone who communicates well in English, is detail-oriented, and also enjoys attending speaker … Continue reading →

Does channel NewsAsia have a bureau in Shanghai?

Channel NewsAsia’s Shanghai Bureau seeks news assistant Channel NewsAsia is seeking a full-time news assistant in its Shanghai bureau. The successful candidate will work with a bilingual team of two (correspondent and cameraman) to produce news output from the Bureau. The …

Can you be a BBC producer in Shanghai?

The BBC office in Shanghai is looking for a new producer. The BBC office in Shanghai is looking for a new producer to work with our team of journalists there. The successful applicant must have a strong editorial background with excellent contacts – both in politics and business. They must be …