What is famous in Pondy Bazaar?

What is famous in Pondy Bazaar?

They all have a wide variety of Indian, Western, and fusion ready-to-wear clothing options. One of the highlights of Pondy Bazaar is its gold. Big-name stores like NAC Jewellers, Lalithaa Jewellery, Prince Jewellery, and others are famous for their incredible collection of gold jewellery.

Is T Nagar a good place to live?

T Nagar is a very perfect residential location. It has great shopping facilities, excellent schools and very good connectivity to all around Chennai. It is a shopping hub and all shops are around within 0.5 kms distance.

Which is biggest market in Chennai?

Koyambedu wholesale market complex is one of Asia’s largest perishable goods markets and the largest “mandi” of Chennai. It is spread over 295 acres (1.19 sq. km), with more than 3,000 shops selling groceries, vegetables, fruits, and textiles. The market receives about 100,000 visitors and 500-600 vehicles every day.

What should I buy in Tamilnadu?

Top 10 Things To Buy In Tamil Nadu

  • Tanjore Paintings: The Tanjore paintings are very famous in Tamil Nadu, especially in Chennai, where these paintings originated.
  • Silk Saree:
  • Arte-facts and Statues:
  • Handicrafts:
  • Mysore Pak Sweets:
  • Electronic Gadgets from Ritchie Street:
  • Pottery:
  • Musical Instruments:

Why is it called Pondy Bazaar?

The now-famous Pondy Bazaar is said to be named after Justice Party politician WPS Soundarapandian Nadar. However, another story goes that it derived the name from a shopping complex set up by Chockalinga Mudaliar from Pondicherry in 1933.

Is Poes Garden a posh area?

Poes Garden Another one of the poshest residential areas in Chennai that rivals Boat Club is Poes Garden.

What is Chennai most famous?

Places to Visit in Chennai:

Marina Beach Valluvar Kottam
Thousand Lights Mosque Elliot’s Beach
Dakshinachitra Ashtalakshmi Temple
Government Museum Mylapore
Guindy National Park Sri Parthasarathy Temple

What are the best places to shop in Chennai?

T Nagar, shops in downtown ,Chennai are very popular. T nagar ,and is one of the busiest at all times of the day. The area is considered the biggest shopping district in India in terms of daily revenue.

Which is the best place to shop in T Nagar?

Check Out T Nagar Shops 1 Pothy’s: Pothy’s history says it was started 90 years back. 2 Saravana Stores: Saravana Storesis a place to go to for apparel and all household stuff. 3 Nalli Silks: Nalli Silks has the distinction of being the very first shop in this location and they continue to attract a lot of customers.

Which is the best place to shop in Hyderabad?

T Nagar is also known for its street shopping, as you’ll find hawkers on every pavement peddling everything from wigs to fidget spinners and selfie sticks. The street shopping in Pondy Bazaar however, has plenty of women’s accessories like hair bands, bangles, bags etc.

Which is the most crowded street in Chennai?

If budget shopping is your jam, you’ve come to the right place. In the recent years they’ve opened up a few more stores around T Nagar but we think you should go check out the original one on Ranganathan Street, a.k.a. the most crowded street in Chennai, just to see where it all started.