What is Express Scripts?

What is Express Scripts?

Express Scripts makes the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable. Millions trust Express Scripts for safety, care and convenience. Express Scripts Members: Manage Your Prescriptions Online

How do I contact Express Scripts pharmacy?

Express Scripts® Pharmacy. Call for help with your prescription benefit or prescriptions filled through the Express Scripts ® Pharmacy. (800) 282-2881. TTY users call: (800) 759-1089. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does Express Scripts work with non-Medicare enrollees?

Present your Express Scripts ID card when getting a prescription at a retail pharmacy. ‚ Non-Medicare enrollees pay 100% of the cost for any maintenance medication refills at retail (see Maintenance Refills on page 4). ‚ If the cost of the medication is less than the co-pay, you pay the lower cost of the medication.

How do I transfer my active prescriptions to Express Scripts home delivery?

You can also call the Madigan Pharmacy Call Center and Transfer Prescription Line at 253-968-2586. Ask our staff to TRANSFER your active prescriptions to Express Scripts Home Delivery.

How can I get Express Scripts home delivery?

Ask your doctor to e-prescribe a 3-month supply to Express Scripts Home Delivery. After you register or log into your account, you can switch your eligible medications to delivery. Once we have your prescription, we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll check to make sure your prescription is safe and effective before mailing it to you.

How do I set up an Express Scripts account?

To set up an account, go to www.express-scripts.com. Have your Express Scripts ID number ready. Follow the on-screen prompts to register. DOWNLOAD THE MOBILE APP Search for “Express Scripts” in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.