What is Etwall famous for?

What is Etwall famous for?

Etwall is a small village in Derbyshire, midway between Derby and Burton upon Trent. Etwall is noted for its historic Almshouses, its Annual Well Dressing Festival and John Port Spencer Academy. John Port is the largest Secondary school in Derbyshire and serves neighbouring villages as well as Etwall itself.

Why is etwall called etwall?

The village name comes from Etewelle, meaning “Eatta’s water”, Eatta being a 7th-century Saxon leader. Etwall is famous for its well dressing festival every May.

How many Wells in Etwall?

There are over 60 wells in the village, and Well Dressing is now the biggest public event in the village calendar, occupying three days in mid-May.

What’s in Etwall?

National Forest Adventure Farm. Children’s Farms, Indoor and Outdoor.

  • Mercia Marina Willington. Landmarks, Outdoor.
  • Jangala. Indoor and Soft Play Areas, Indoor.
  • Claymills Victorian Pumping Station.
  • Wacky Warehouse – Mill House Stretton.
  • Scropton Riding For The Disabled.
  • Hickory Dickory’s Playhouse.
  • Markeaton Park.
  • How do I contact the Etwall well dressing Association?

    For more information please contact the Secretary of the Etwall Well Dressing Association, Donna Millington on (01283) 733446 , mob 07889 721381 or via Email. Click here to visit the Etwall Village website.

    When is the Well Dressing Festival in Derbyshire?

    Etwall village in Derbyshire has staged an annual Well Dressing Festival on the third weekend in May since 1970. The Well Dressing Festival attracts visitors from far and wide and is a major source of the village’s sense of identity.

    Where can I find more information about well dressings?

    If you want to know more about how Well Dressings are made, visit our ‘ How to ’ page. To see some examples of Well Dressings have a look at our Gallery pages. Photos of previous years Well Dressings can be found by visiting the welldressing.com website.