What is ethno house music?

What is ethno house music?

Ethnic electronica (also known as ethnotronica, ethno electronica or ethno techno) is a broad category of electronic music, where artists combine elements of electronic and world music. The music is primarily rooted in local music traditions and regional cultures, rarely relying on global trends of popular music.

What is the world music genre?

World music is an English phrase for styles of music from non-Western countries, including quasi-traditional, intercultural, and traditional music….World music.

Contemporary folk music (worldwide)
Cultural origins Indigenous music worldwide
Derivative forms Folktronica

What is the national instrument of Bulgaria?

List of national instruments (music)

Nation Instrument H-S number
Brazil guitar violão 321.322
Brazil berimbau 311.121.221
Brazil pandeiro 211.311 + 112.122
Bulgaria gaida 422.22-62

What is Chalga music?

As peculiar and often scandalous it may seem to an outsider, chalga music is much more than an ‘oriental’ rhythm and semi-naked performers. Here’s our guide to better understanding it as a part of Bulgarian culture.

How do you blend in at a Chalga dance club?

The songs are usually lively and rhythmic with a beat reminiscent of reggaeton. Dancing to them means engaging all the plasticity you have in your waist and hips. Learning a few movements of belly dancing will definitely help if you want to blend in at a chalga dance club.

Who is the most famous Chalga artist in Bulgaria?

If there is a face of chalga in Bulgaria known even abroad, this would be Azis. The male artist made a career performing dressed as a drag queen, thus turning into the most controversial figure in chalga culture. His latest hits focus on his voice and lyrics, however, and he has swapped his scandalous image for a more moderate one.

How can you tell if a woman is Chalga?

If a woman is dressed in a super-mini skirt, a low-cut dress, high heels, shiny colors and wears heavy make-up, she has almost certainly been influenced by the chalga lifestyle. Chalga women also often have breast and lip implants.