What is ESG 3?

What is ESG 3?

Expeditionary Strike Group THREE (ESG 3) was commissioned April 17, 2007 in San Diego, Calif. ESG 3 is strictly an operational command, certifying expeditionary strike group forces for deployment and maintaining proficiencies as a staff to provide fleet commanders with a ready fly-away unit that is extremely flexible.

What is three ships whisky?

The principles that define our three ships are based on the South African spirit of vision, tenacity and bravery – qualities required to make a globally awarded whisky in a climate that doesn’t lend itself easily to it. Three Ships Whisky: Made Exceptional.

What is the Angel’s share of whisky?

3-5% of the whisky is drunk by the barrel or lost to evaporation, this is known as the angel’s share. Our Master Distiller, Andy Watts, won the Global Icon of Whisky Master Distiller/Master Blender of the Year Award for 2018.

What makes our whiskies special?

A proudly South African range of globally awarded whiskies calls for only the finest malted barley, maize and grain. Hand-selected casks are used for the maturation of our whiskies to impart unique flavours and aromas. As the wood is porous,