What is EPA ID number?

What is EPA ID number?

What is an EPA ID Number? This number, issued either by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA ID Number), or by DTSC (California ID Number), identifies each handler of haz- ardous waste on hazardous waste manifests and other paperwork.

How do I get a hazardous waste ID?

Requirements for Hazardous Waste TSD Facility

  1. Official Letter of Request.
  2. Duly notarized affidavit attesting to the truth, accuracy and genuineness of all information, documents and records contained and attached in the application.
  3. Accomplished Registration Form for HW TSD Facility (Form B ver.2018)

Why do you need an EPA number?

The purpose of an EPA ID number is to ensure that hazardous waste can be tracked from “cradle-to-grave”, or from its point of generation to its ultimate disposal. Generators are responsible for their waste even after it leaves their facility, and this paper trail is what makes accountability possible.

How do I get a EPA ID number?

EPA ID numbers are obtained by filing EPA Form 8700-12, Notification of Regulated Waste Activity. Update: The EPA keeps moving the form so the link we will take you to their instruction page from where the booklet can be downloaded.

What is an EPA handler ID?

A Handler ID Number (also known as EPA ID Number) is assigned to a physical location NOT a company or business. Therefore, the company or business associated with a Handler ID may vary from report cycle to report cycle.

How do I renew my EPA number?

To reactivate your permanent federal EPA ID number you may do so in one of the following ways:

  1. Through the electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ) System.
  2. By completing and submitting the U.S. EPA Form 8700-12 – RCRA Subtitle C Site Identification Form. You may submit the form electronically or by mail.

How do I find my EPA certification number?

Check Your Own Certification Go to the EPA Test website. (See the link in Resource section.) Log in your personal certification account using your Social Security number and last name. Click on “Secure Login” when done.

How do I get an EPA/state identification number for hazardous waste?

This form is used by hazardous waste generators to apply for or reactivate EPA/State Identification Numbers. Contact Ecology at 1-800-874-2022 or [email protected] for help filling out these forms. The mission of the Department of Ecology is to protect, preserve, and enhance Washington’s environment.

What is an EPA/state ID number and why is it important?

An EPA/State ID number is tied to a single geographic location, as opposed to a particular business name. It is used for both federal and state regulations to report dangerous waste activities.

When can I withdraw my EPA/state ID number?

Once an EPA/State ID number is assigned to a site, it stays active until you withdraw it. You can only withdraw your number once all of the following conditions are met:​ All dangerous waste activity has stopped. All dangerous wastes have been removed from the site. We have received all Dangerous Waste Annual Reports for all active years.

Where is the EPA office in Washington State located?

Washington Operations Office 300 Desmond Dr. SE, Suite 102 Lacey, WA 98503 360-753-9437 or contact EPA’s Region 10 Office in Seattle