What is designd-edge?

What is designd-edge?

D-EDGE results from the merger of two of the largest independent hotel marketing technology companies, AVAILPRO and FASTBOOKING, under the supervision of one of the most innovative hotel chains in the world.

What is edge and how does it work?

Built on the Unreal gaming engine, EDGE is not a traditional video game with pre-programmed respond-and-react scenarios. Rather, EDGE is one tool in a comprehensive preparedness toolbox, complementing and honing training protocols already in place in communities nationwide.

Who is edge real estate?

EDGE is an OVG Real Estate company. EDGE is a real estate developer of a new generation of innovative, healthy and sustainable buildings. Our goal is to reinvent the modern workplace as a driver for health, sustainability and innovation.

Why choose edge for your next workspace?

We are experienced in delivering the best buildings worldwide; state-of-the-art places focussed on people’s health, that win awards, tenants and retain talent. EDGE now offers unique, healthy and inspiring workspaces for companies of all shapes and sizes. We are launching this brand new concept in Berlin.