What is dendrimer generation?

What is dendrimer generation?

On the basis of growth process of the dendrimers, these can be classified according to their generation number, such as G0.5, G1, G2, G3, G4, and G5. Dendrimers can be synthesized by both divergent and convergent methods.

What category of nanoparticle is a dendrimer?

Introduction. Dendrimers are nano-sized, radially symmetric molecules with well-defined, homogeneous, and monodisperse structure consisting of tree-like arms or branches [1].

What is dendrimer nanotechnology?

Dendrimers represent a class of novel polymers having unique molecular architectures characterized by their well-defined structure, with a high degree of molecular uniformity, low polydispersity and properties that make them attractive materials for the development of nanomedicines.

What are PAMAM dendrimers?

PAMAM dendrimers are a family of highly branched and mono-disperse synthetic macromolecules with well-defined structures and compositions. Synthesis of these nanocarriers can be carried out through the divergent route.

Is dendrimer a nanoparticle?

How is dendrimer different from a polymer?

Also, it is possible to make dendrimers water-soluble, unlike most polymers, by functionalizing their outer shell with charged species or other hydrophilic groups. Other controllable properties of dendrimers include toxicity, crystallinity, tecto-dendrimer formation, and chirality.

How does a dendrimer work?

Dendrimers for drug delivery are employed using two approaches: (i) formulation and (ii) nanoconstruct. In the formulation approach, drugs are physically entrapped in a dendrimer using non-covalent interactions, whereas drugs are covalently coupled on dendrimers in the nanoconstruct approach.

Why are dendrimers used in drug delivery?

We have demonstrated the utility of PAMAM dendrimers for enhancing solubility, stability and oral bioavailability of various drugs. Drug entrapment and drug release from dendrimers can be controlled by modifying dendrimer surfaces and generations.

What are dendrimers made of?

Dendrimers are nearly monodisperse macromolecules that contain symmetric branching units built around a small molecule or a linear polymer core [5-7]. ‘Dendrimer’ is only an architectural motif and not a compound.

Is dendrimer a polymer?

Dendrigrafts are a class of dendritic polymers like dendrimers that can be constructed with a well-defined molecular structure, i.e., being monodisperse [28].

How do you make a dendrimer?

Dendrimers are generally prepared using either a divergent method or a convergent one [38]. In the different methods, dendrimer grows outward from a multifunctional core molecule. The core molecule reacts with monomer molecules containing one reactive and two dormant groups, giving the first-generation dendrimer.

What is a dendrimer made of?

What is the role of dendrimer/DNA complexes in gene delivery?

Dendrimer/DNA complexes encapsulated in a water soluble polymer and supported on fast degrading star poly (DL-lactide) for localized gene delivery. J Gene Med. 2007;9(3):181–188.

What is a dendrimer?

Dendrimers are nearly monodisperse macromolecules that contain symmetric branching units built around a small molecule or a linear polymer core [5-7]. ‘Dendrimer’ is only an architectural motif and not a compound.

Are dendrimers the building blocks of nanoscale synthetic organic chemistry?

Birth of a new macromolecular architecture: dendrimers as quantized building blocks for nanoscale synthetic organic chemistry. Aldrichimica Acta. 2004;9:39–57.

What are the applications of dendrimers in supramolecular chemistry?

Dendrimers have gained a broad range of applications in supramolecular chemistry, particularly in host-guest reactions and self-assembly processes. Dendrimers are characterized by special features that make them promising candidates for a lot of applications. Dendrimers are highly defined artificial macromolecules,…