What is class 12 called?

What is class 12 called?

In India, HSC is known as 12th class exam which is conducted at the state level by the state boards of education like (Maharashtra board, Madhya Pradesh board, Odia board, Bihar board & many other) and at the national level by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Council for the Indian School Certificate …

Is PhD equivalent to doctorate?

In addition to various degrees which may be considered equivalent to a PhD, there are also some ‘higher doctorate’ courses considered to be a step above the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These are most common in UK universities and in some European countries, although they are increasingly awarded as honorary degrees.

Is diploma equal to 12?

Diploma is a separate branch of study in respect of technical education. Diploma is a 3 years course and cannot be equivalent to 12th. You can take diploma course on basis of your 10th and later you can join engineering as a lateral entry I.e., you can join engineering directly in the second year.

What is 12th pass called?

Higher secondary

Is 21 years old too old for university?

You’re never ever too old to go to university 🙂 I started uni shortly before my 19th birthday and didn’t graduate ’till five years later for a variety of reasons. The majority of people were vaguely in their twenties but beyond that it varied wildly. I never went to Uni but 21 is still young.

Does 11th class marks matter?

No the 11th standard marks do not matter in long run. In fact they are only meant to get admitted into standard 12th.

How many years of work experience is equivalent to a PhD degree?

2 years

How do you write a 12 pass resume?

Objectives; To work in a competitive that is both challenging and inspiring environment where my abilities accept to its outmost and to be the assets to the organization. I do have confidence to achieving goal.

How many years experience is equivalent to a degree?

Equivalencies for Education and Experience

Professional-Level Relevant Experience Education
2 years Associate Degree
4 years Bachelor’s Degree
1 year Graduate Degree
1 year Doctorate Degree

Is 12th grade a diploma?

Yes, diploma is equivalent to 12th and a bit more than that. So there are no drawbacks. just that you spend a year more completing the diploma (10+3). If you are confused about careers after 12th/ diploma, there are a few ways to approach this.

What does or equivalent experience mean?

Updated August 05, 2019. When an employer mentions “equivalent experience” in a job posting, it can either mean experience in place of some educational requirements or non-paid experience. It can include work as an intern or volunteer, in place of paid work experience.

Is a GED equivalent to a grade 12?

It is a grade 12 equivalency* credential recognised in SA, accepted by TVET colleges and overseas and online universities. The GED® test series, which is currently used internationally, including SA, is a series of four subject tests. The GED® is accepted at many tertiary institutions around the world.

Is a PhD considered work experience?

D. graduate in a research lab be counted as “work experience” when determining one’s job level (salary is generally correlated to the level, too) in industry.

Is diploma in engineering is equivalent to 12th?

Yes, the Diploma in Engineering and 12th standard are equivalent. Both these courses can be pursued after completion of 10th standard. The duration of Diploma course is 3 years and that of 11th and 12th standard is 2 years.

Which diploma is equivalent to Bachelor Degree?

Undergraduate Advanced Diploma

What degree is equivalent to a PhD?

The Medical doctorate (abbreviated as M.D.) is equivalent to the Ph.D. degree. To earn an M.D. in a science specialty, one must have a master’s degree (M.Sc.) (or two diplomas before the introduction of M.Sc. degree in Egypt) before applying. The M.D. degree involves courses in the field and defending a dissertation.

How do I get a degree with work experience?

6 Ways to Get College Credit For Work Experience

  1. College Level Exam Program (CLEP) CLEP, the College Level Exam Program, is the most widely accepted “life experience” challenge exam program.
  2. DSST Standardized Subject Tests.
  3. Excelsior College Credit By Exam.

Is experience equivalent to a degree?

Work experience, in many cases, can be substituted for required college degrees. For example, in the Administrative Management career fields, 3 years of general work experience can be substituted for a 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree.