What is Ceili’s?

What is Ceili’s?

Ceili’s is a casual dining restaurant and bar. We believe in creating honest, locally sourced and delicious food and beverage, shared in an environment to match our fun atmosphere, amazing people and exceptional service. Stop by for lunch, host a corporate event or grab happy hour drinks during the game.

What is Ceili’s modern Irish pub like?

I visited Ceili’s Modern Irish pub (one of several in a chain) for a bachelor party in May. The space was large and busy, with a large circular bar. A private room at the back of the dining area, and an entire floor down a… twisted staircase allow for private events easily.

What kind of tortillas does Ceili’s have?

Corn tortillas layered with lots of cheese, black beans, corn, jalapeños, black olive, topped with salsa and sour cream Choose from: Franks Red Hot, Ceili’s house hot, honey garlic, salt & pepper, barbeque, sriracha honey lime.