What is base frequency in IFT?

What is base frequency in IFT?

The basic principle of Interferential Therapy (IFT) is to utilise the significant physiological effects of low frequency (≅<250pps) electrical stimulation of nerves without the associated painful and somewhat unpleasant side effects sometimes associated with low frequency stimulation.

What is sweep pattern in IFT?

Sreeraj S R SWEEP The principle of using the sweep is that the machine is set to automatically vary the effective stimulation frequency using either pre-set or user set sweep ranges. Such sweep prevents accommodation of nerves.

What are the parameters of IFT?

Interferential therapy (IFT) is a popular electrotherapeutic modality for pain management. It is characterized by the interference of 2 medium-frequency currents (ie, 1–10 kHz), which combine to produce a new medium-frequency current whose amplitude is modulated at low frequency (ie, <1 kHz).

What is IFT test?

The indirect immunofluorescence technique, or IFT, is one of the standard techniques of autoimmune diagnostics. IFT delivers rapid and reliable results and is often the method of choice when test antigens cannot be prepared for ELISA test systems or blot tests.

What is the difference between TENS and IFT in physiotherapy?

Whereas TENS Units delivers periodic electric pulses to stimulate surface nerves and block the pain signal, IFT Physiotherapy Equipment transmits a continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue thereby blocking the pain signals and reducing swelling and inflammation which causes pain.

What is difference between IFT and tens?

What is interferential therapy (IFT)?

Interferential therapy Sreeraj S R Sreeraj S R DEFINITION Developed by Dr. Hans Nemec of Vienna, Austria in the early 1950’s It may be described as the transcutaneous application of alternating medium frequency electrical currents, amplitude modulated at low frequency for therapeutic purposes. Sreeraj S R Why IFT?..

What is the clinical application of intravenous frequency (IFT)?

The clinical application of IFT therapy is based on peripheral nerve stimulation (frequency) data, though it is important to note that much of this information has been generated from research with other modalities, and its transfer to IFT is assumed rather than proven.

What is the principle of IFT?

Sreeraj S R PRINCIPLE The principle of IFT is to pass two Medium Frequency Alternating Currents which are slightly out of phase, through the tissues, where the currents intersect to produce a low frequency effect. 7 8. Sreeraj S R 8 9.

Does IFT strengthen the muscles?

There is limited evidence at present for the ‘strengthening’ effect of IFT (though this evidence exists for some other forms of electrical stimulation), though the paper by Bircan et al (2002) suggests that it might be a possibility.