What is asset hierarchy in CMMS?

What is asset hierarchy in CMMS?

Asset Hierarchical Structures in CMMS Concerning assets, hierarchy is the relationship between the highest level of equipment and subordinate parts. For example, a technician may classify a tractor two levels above its carburetor system in an equipment hierarchy.

Why is an asset hierarchy?

An asset hierarchy allows companies to organize their equipment and machines stationed across various locations. It is critical for understanding how action on one machine affects other machines and establishing the parent-child relationship amongst multiple assets.

How many hierarchical levels are there in reliability analysis?

The standard hierarchy is broken down into nine levels. It is important to note that in some instances there is no need to dive deeper than level 6, and in other instances, it is vital to dive down to the individual part level.

What is asset object in Salesforce?

Assets represent purchased or installed products, and are an essential piece of the Salesforce puzzle. You can link assets to maintenance plans, entitlements, work orders, and more so your support team can quickly assess the history of a customer’s product.

How do I enable assets in Salesforce?

In Classic Setup, enter Asset Settings in the Quick Find box, then click Asset Settings. Enable asset sharing, and select a default asset owner. Save your changes.

How do we determine what maintenance an asset requires?

When deciding on an asset maintenance policy, consider what an asset does, what would happen if it fails and the probability of it failing. Consider each maintenance policy’s one-time and ongoing costs, risks and benefits.

How do assets work in Salesforce?

An asset in Salesforce represents a specific purchased or installed product. For example, if you sell robots, you can create a Robot product in Salesforce, and then create multiple assets representing the robots you’ve sold.

What is an asset hierarchy?

This type of grouping is called an asset hierarchy. The hierarchy can also be thought of as a tree structure or a parent, child, grandchild structure. The asset at the top of the list is the parent asset, the next level is the child asset, the next is the grandchild asset and so on.

What are the data confidence levels within asset hierarchy?

Parent Asset Child Asset Grandchild Component 95% Data confidence levels within asset hierarchy Confidence Level Confidence level in this context means the confidence the decision-maker has that the decision rendered is the best solution at the right time 85% 70% 40% 55% Fundamentals of Asset Management 35 Facility Parent Asset

What are the different levels of asset management?

Disposal Systems Level 1 Fundamentals of Asset Management 20 Asset hierarchy example, levels 1 and 2 Sanitation Program Collection Systems Treatment Systems Disposal Systems Level 1 Level 2 Fundamentals of Asset Management 21 Asset hierarchy example, levels 2 and 3 Collection System Gravity Sewers Siphon Structures Pump Stations

What is the asset inventory hierarchy in table 5-1?

Table 5-1 provides an example asset inventory hierarchy, including asset class, asset type, and potential asset elements. The asset classes and types are consistent with those defined in the NTD; 61