What is asked in the interview of CAPF?

What is asked in the interview of CAPF?

CAPF INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. Tell me about yourself. Why do you want to join Central Armed Police Forces? Why your first preference is CISF or CRPF or SSB or ITBP or BSF?

Is there any interview in CAPF AC?

As per the 2021 Notification, the final stage of the UPSC CAPF AC Selection Procedure will be an interview round.

What is the highest post in CAPF?

The hierarchy of ranks in CAPF in ascending order is as follows:

  • Director-General (Apex Scale of Indian Police Service)
  • Additional Director-General (ADG)
  • Inspector General (IG)
  • Deputy Inspector General (DIG)
  • Sr. Commandant.
  • Commandant.
  • Deputy Commandant.
  • Assistant Commandant.

Which paper is checked first in CAPF?

CAPF AC 2022 written exam is the first round in the CAPF AC Selection Process. The written examination comprises 2 papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 will consist of multiple-choice questions on general ability and intelligence having four alternatives.

What happens after clearing CAPF exam?

Life of an Assistant Commandant who has cleared CAPF Candidates will be required to produce the original certificates along with self-attested copies at the time of the interview or within the last day of the interview.

Where are UPSC CAPF interview held?

According to the notice, The interview for Personality Test/ Interview for the Central Armed Police Forces (Assistant Commandants) Examination, 2020 is scheduled to be held from 06 to 24 December 2021 at Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069.

Is CAPF interview easy?

In the CAPF, the interview is relatively simple. The paper, on the other hand, is far more challenging; you cannot merely meet the cutoff, you have to ace it! At the least, you must get 15 marks above the cutoff. So simply put, CDSE is interview heavy, CAPF is written exam dominant.

How many candidates applied for CAPF 2021?

Around 3 lakh candidates apply for the UPSC CAPF exam each year. But only 50% appear in the written exam. Around one lakh candidates appear in the written exam and only around three thousand candidates qualify for the Physical/Medical exam.

How do you clear a CAPF test?

Preparing the CAPF exam based on the weightage of each section gives an edge.

  1. Set a schedule for your CAPF preparation and make sure you stick to it.
  2. Socialize with people who are preparing for the same or have already qualified the Assistant Commandant exam.
  3. While studying make notes and your personal study material.

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