What is Argentinosaurus?

What is Argentinosaurus?

Argentinosaurus is a huge dinosaur that was discovered in Argentina in 1987 by Guillermo Heredia.

What are galgueros used for?

Galgueros, the people who own and breed the dogs, use them for hare and lure coursing. In hare coursing—a controversial sport—the dogs race over the countryside or an enclosed track to catch the fleeing hare. Lure coursing replaces the hare with a mechanical lure. Galgueros hold coursing competitions every year between September and February.

What is the scientific name of the Argentine lizard?

The name of this genus was conceived due to the country where it was found, that is, Argentina, and has the suffix saurus, which comes from the Greek and means lizard. The species that forms it, A. huinculensis, has to do with the town of Plaza Huincul, in the immediate vicinity of where it was found.

What is a Galgo?

Galgueros hold coursing competitions every year between September and February. In the most prestigious of these, held in a different host city in Spain every January, the winning galgo takes home the Copa de Su Majestad el Rey, or King’s Cup, tacitly sponsored by the king of Spain himself, Felipe VI. They’re a greyhound with a sense of humor.

Argentinosaurus lived during the late Cretaceous period about 95 million years ago and comes from the Titanosauria family of Sauropods, meaning armored giants. Occasionally known as the “Dino Don” the Argentinosaurus is one of the most famous sauropods of huge proportions that was discovered in the 1990’s.

What did Argentinosaurus eat?

What did Argentinosaurus Eat? Argentinosaurus was an herbivore. This large sauropod had good teeth for grinding and chewing the tough plant material found in Cretaceous period Argentina. Some biologists believe that dinosaurs, particularly this large Argentinosaurus, were able to reach such a massive size due to the rate of their metabolism.

How much weight can Argentinosaurus gain in a day?

It is thought that at the height of adolescence an Argentinosaurus would have been able to gain roughly 100 pounds per day – That’s a lot of plant matter! How did Argentinosaurus Move?

What kind of dinosaurs lived in the Patagonian Desert?

During that period the Patagonian desert was a lush paradise for dinosaurs such as Argentinosaurus. The Patagonia region is one of the world’s hot-spots for the biggest dinosaurs, the 45 foot long carnivorous Giganotosaurus having also roamed here during the same time.