What is Anthony Bourdain holding on the cover of Kitchen Confidential?

What is Anthony Bourdain holding on the cover of Kitchen Confidential?

On the cover, a young Bourdain, who openly admitted that he wasn’t a very good chef, has two swords tucked into his white kitchen apron, one arm draped protectively across his body.

How much did Anthony Bourdain make from Kitchen Confidential?

The document shows that Bourdain’s $1.2 million in assets was made up of $425,000 in savings and cash, $35,000 in brokerage accounts, $250,000 in personal property and $500,000 in intangibles such as royalties and residuals from his TV work and books like his breakthrough 2000 memoir “Kitchen Confidential.”

Does Anthony Bourdain narrate Kitchen Confidential?

There was only one Anthony Bourdain. That sad truth becomes even clearer when you listen to the self-narrated audiobook of his breakout memoir. Kitchen Confidential offers an unblinking deep dive into Bourdain’s checkered but brilliantly creative culinary career.

How old was Anthony Bourdain in Kitchen Confidential?

He was 43 years old, rode hard and put up wet, a recovering addict with a number of debts and a penchant for finding trouble in failing restaurants across the city. At Les Halles—at last—he had found sustained success and something resembling stability. This is what Anthony Bourdain would have had us believe.

How much is Anthony Bourdain net worth?

Celebrity chef, author, and television personality Anthony Bourdain died of an apparent suicide in France on June 8, and despite reports that he had amassed a $16 million fortune, recently released legal documents reportedly show he was worth just $1.21 million when he died.

Who is Adam last name unknown from Kitchen Confidential?

Adam DiCarlo
And Adam DiCarlo, Real Last Name Unknown, was really a maniac.

Is Kitchen Confidential funny?

Kitchen Confidential is a very gripping and funny book, beautifully written by the famous chef Anthony Bourdain.