What is another word for conspicuous?

What is another word for conspicuous?

Some common synonyms of conspicuous are noticeable, outstanding, prominent, remarkable, salient, and striking.

Is it good to be conspicuous?

According to Veblen’s theory, people consume conspicuously for two main reasons – to be recognized by their peers and to achieve a higher social status in society. Both factors are a reflection of the culture and social or economic class that the consumers reside in.

What is a prominent person?

adjective. Someone who is prominent is important and well-known.

What is a conspicuous position?

Conspicuous place means a place that is easily visible and at eye level viewed daily by the parents.

What does being conspicuous mean?

1 : obvious to the eye or mind conspicuous changes The bird has a conspicuous red head. 2 : attracting attention : striking a conspicuous success His absence was conspicuous. 3 : marked by a noticeable violation of good taste.

What is the opposite of conspicuous?

Opposite of obvious or clearly noticeable. inconspicuous. unnoticeable. unnoticed.

How can I be prominent?

7 Simple Ways To Be Famous In One Year

  1. Begin By Making It All About Others, Not Yourself.
  2. Get Your Face and Your Personality “Out There”
  3. Provide Consistent, Public, Interesting, and Free Content.
  4. Sponsor an Important Charity.
  5. Develop Relationships with Influencers.
  6. Work on Your Fame Everyday.
  7. Cultivate your Guru Status.

What does rose to prominence mean?

the state of being important or well known. This case gave new prominence to the problem of domestic violence. His family rose to prominence in the 1990s. Collocations and examples.

What is the meaning of the word conspicuous?

adjective easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable: a conspicuous error. attracting special attention, as by outstanding qualities or eccentricities: He was conspicuous by his booming laughter. OTHER WORDS FOR conspicuous

What is an example of a conspicuous species?

Examples of conspicuous in a Sentence Conspicuous species of large organisms with small populations are vulnerable—and several fishes and marine mammals, including Steller’s sea cow, have succumbed. — Stephen Jay Gould, Natural History, June 1991 Its most conspicuous feature was knee breeches, which showed off his well-turned legs and feet.

How do you use conspicuous absence in a sentence?

The President was conspicuous by his absence at the peace talks. [=his absence was very noticeable; people had expected him to be there and noticed that he wasn’t] Hide 1 : obvious to the eye or mind conspicuous changes The bird has a conspicuous red head.

What is the difference between conspicuous and indiscreet?

conspicuous – obvious to the eye or mind; “a tower conspicuous at a great distance”; “wore conspicuous neckties”; “made herself conspicuous by her exhibitionistic preening”. indiscreet – lacking discretion; injudicious; “her behavior was indiscreet at the very best”.