What is an example of escapade?

What is an example of escapade?

The definition of an escapade is an adventure, or a daring and exciting act. An example of an escapade is a surprise road trip to exciting destinations.

How do you use escapade in a sentence?

Escapade in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The boys’ escapade might end with their arrest.
  2. When my husband spoke of a wild escapade, I had no idea he was talking about jumping out of an airplane.
  3. The basketball player’s sexual escapade concluded with him in a drug-induced coma.

What does romantic escapade mean?

/ˈeskəpeɪd/ /ˈeskəpeɪd/ ​an exciting adventure (often one that people think is dangerous or stupid) Isabel’s latest romantic escapade.

Who wrote escapade by Janet Jackson?

Janet Jackson
Jimmy JamTerry LewisJimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

What is the opposite of escapade?

▲ Opposite of an exciting or noteworthy event, action or achievement. failure. failing. misadventure.

What is a antonym for escapade?

noun. ( ˈɛskəˌpeɪd) Any carefree episode. Antonyms. disappear hide inactivity.

What’s Sexcapade meaning?

a sexual escapade; an illicit affair
Definitions of sexcapade. a sexual escapade; an illicit affair. type of: escapade, lark. any carefree episode.

What is the antonym of escapade?

What is the opposite of escapade?

catastrophe disaster
failure fiasco
hardship havoc
misery misfortune
mishap ruin

What Janet Jackson album was escapade on?

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814Escapade / Album

What is the opposite of diversion?

noun. ( daɪˈvɝːʒən, dɪˈvɝːʒən) A turning aside (of your course or attention or concern). Antonyms. sadness assembly discontinuation discontinuance activation sink source. deflection digression turn divagation deflexion.