What is an APO shipment?

What is an APO shipment?

What is APO shipping? The Army Post Office (APO) handles shipping and delivery of mail for members of the US Army or Air Force. These packages are handled for domestic delivery (army or Air Force bases) and active duty deployed overseas. There is also FPO (Fleet Post Office) for the Navy.

What does APO FPO stand for?

Army Post Office
APO – Army Post Office. FPO – Fleet Post Office. DPO – Diplomatic Post Office. An overseas Military address is constructed the same as a domestic US address, so it can be sorted just like regular mail.

Where do APO packages Ship from?

The Postal Service places APO/FPO mail on international commercial passenger service and international cargo service aircraft from New York or San Francisco. When the plane lands overseas, the mail is tendered to the Military.

What is an APO FPO box?

The Priority Mail APO/FPO Flat Rate Box features predetermined rates regardless of weight (domestically) or destination. It is designed specifically for you to ship Priority Mail packages to military personnel serving overseas.

What’s the difference between APO and FPO?

APO stands for Army Post Office and is associated with Army or Air Force installations. FPO stands for Fleet Post Office and is associated with Navy installations and ships.

What’s your APO or FPO?

What is an APO address or an FPO address? APO stands for “Army Post Office,” and is associated with Army or Air Force installations. FPO stands for “Fleet Post Office,” and is associated with Navy installations and ships.

Why does APO mail take so long?

In contrast to Domestic Mail, Military APO/FPO/DPO Mail has unique transportation and handling requirements which result in extending the standard delivery time for each class of mail.

How do I track my APO package?

Access the United States Postal Service website at USPS.com. Enter the tracking number in the box labeled “Track & Confirm” and click “Go.” The tracking information will appear on the next screen.

Is Apo to FPO free?

You can order free Priority Mail® APO/FPO Large Flat Rate Boxes online from The Postal Store®, and your mail carrier will deliver them to right to your door at no charge.

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How does reship work?

Reship can help customers experience true freedom to shop anywhere around the world with no shipping restrictions. Simply send your package to our warehouses and we will take care of getting it to you.

How do I ship to an APO/FPO/DPO address?

Look up a ZIP Code ™ in the APO/FPO/DPO Restrictions Tool. Ask your local Post Office ™ location. Call USPS Customer Service at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Each shipment to an APO/FPO/DPO needs the recipient’s name, rank, and unit, and the APO/FPO/DPO address with the 9-digit ZIP Code ™. Always include a return address.

What is reship package consolidation?

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