What is an Antronix residential amplifier?

What is an Antronix residential amplifier?

The Antronix VoIP Residential Amplifier provides a passive VoIP port for reliable voice service, even when power is disrupted to the amplifier. The 9 output port amplifier has 8 amplified output ports with unity gain in the forward and return band plus one passive VoIP output port.

What does a forward return amplifier do?

The FRA is the first forward and return amplifier to utilize the patented auto-seizing CamPort. This SCTE compliant F-port provides maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications. With the capability to endure multiple high power surges, the FRA can operate in the harshest environments.

What is a return residential amplifier?

Product Description. DESCRIPTION: Antronix’s new Return Residential Amplifier (RRA) Series was designed for reliable subscriber premise return path amplification such as cable modems and two-way set-top boxes. The RRA is the first return amplifier to utilize the patented auto seizing CamPort.

How do you hook up a multimedia drop amplifier?

Find a location close to your antenna or CATV cables. Mount the amplifier to a stud or wall. Connect the power supply included in the box to the top left amp port labelled ‘POWER IN’ using a piece of 75 ohm coaxial cable. Connect the antenna or CATV cable coming into the home to the top right port labelled ‘RF IN’.

What does a residential amplifier do?

They are designed to distribute signals to multiple TV outlets within a house, or when there are very long coaxial cable runs to TV outlets. In areas with very weak signals using an over the air antenna, you may need to use a preamplifier at the antenna first to increase the signal levels to an adequate level.

Can a cable signal be boosted?

A cable amplifier boosts the signal coming into your home, helping to overcome multiple splits or long cable runs. Cable amplifiers are readily available at a variety of electronics stores, department stores or directly from the cable company with prices ranging from $35 to $200 or more.