What is Action Pack subscription?

What is Action Pack subscription?

Microsoft Action Pack is an annual subscription offered by Microsoft to their entry-level partners, that allows them to get thousands of dollars’ worth of MS products and services for just $475 USD per year.

How do I use Microsoft Action Pack subscription?

Microsoft Action Pack

  1. Step 1: Verify your Microsoft Partner Network account. To be fully verified, your organization’s Partner Center account must complete a five-step business verification process.
  2. Step 2: Ensure you are an MPN partner administrator.
  3. Step 3: Renew your competency or Microsoft Action Pack.

What is the difference between Microsoft Silver and Gold partner?

The Gold certification is more exclusive, only the top 1% of all Microsoft Partners get it, compared to the top 5% for the silver competencies. The number of required Microsoft-certified professionals in your firm: gold requires 4, while silver only 2.

How much is a TechNet subscription?

It costs $699 for the first year, with renewals running $499. That’s a steep jump from the $199 and $299 annual costs (renewals $149 and $249) for TechNet Standard and Professional, respectively.

What is the benefit of Microsoft Gold partner?

Microsoft Gold Partner Benefits Provide Microsoft based IT services and products. Provide continuous customer support and be first in line for updates and news. Provide smarter training tools and programs. Utilise our expanded reach to be able to provide 100 licenses for Microsoft products.

How do I get Microsoft silver competency?

To acquire silver or gold membership competency, you are asked to demonstrate expertise in various areas of business and technology.

How old is big30?

22 years (December 28, 1999)Big30 / Age

How much does Microsoft Action Pack Solution provider cost?

The Action Pack Solution Provider subscription costs $329 per year and is intended for businesses that “build, install, and service solutions on the Microsoft platform.” That description covers a lot of ground, including hardware and software resellers as well as consultants.

How to renew a Microsoft Action Pack subscription in the partner center?

To renew a Microsoft Action Pack subscription in the Partner Center. Go to your Membership offers page. Locate the Microsoft Action Pack Subscription tile. Select Renew subscription and then select your payment method.

When will TechNet Subscriptions end?

The exact cutoff date varies for each customer, depending on their subscription’s expiration date, but the lights will go out for good before the end of 2014. TechNet subscriptions are aimed at IT professionals who need a low-cost way to get hands-on experience with Microsoft software.

What’s included in Microsoft Action Pack?

What’s included in Microsoft Action Pack. With an Action Pack subscription, you have access to a portfolio of best-in-class self-serve marketing resources, technical enablement, unlimited virtual training, product licenses, and product support to help you sell more cloud volume, empower your teams, and optimize your business.