What is ACEs training?

What is ACEs training?

ACEs Core Training Series – Futures Without Violence This Core training series from Futures Without Violence offers healthcare providers a unique opportunity to learn about how to prevent and respond to ACEs in clinical settings, using evidence-based tools and trauma informed strategies that promote family resiliency.

What does ACEs stand for?

“ACEs” stands for “Adverse Childhood Experiences.” These experiences can include things like physical and emotional abuse, neglect, caregiver mental illness, and household violence.

How long does it take to become an ace?

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How much does ace cost?


Computer-Based (U.S. and Canada only) PT Health Coach
First Time $499 $499
Retake $249 $249
2nd ACE Certification $249 $249
Formerly ACE Certified Professional $199 $199

Why is ACEs training important?

These programs teach positive parenting skills (including best practices for coping with stress), provide health education and connect families to supportive services.

How does ACEs affect learning?

ACEs can affect student learning and behavior in the classroom. Children with three or more ACEs are 5x more likely to have attendance issues, 6x times more likely to have behavior problems, and 3x times more likely to experience academic failure.

What are the 10 ACEs questions?

The 10 ACEs measured in the research conducted by the Center for Disease Control are:

  • Physical abuse.
  • Sexual abuse.
  • Verbal abuse.
  • Physical neglect.
  • Emotional neglect.
  • A family member who is depressed or diagnosed with other mental illness.
  • A family member who is addicted to alcohol or another substance.

What are ACEs UK?

ACEs are highly stressful events or situations that happen during childhood and/or adolescence. It can be a single event, or prolonged threats to, and/or breaches of a young person’s safety, security, trust or bodily integrity.

How do ACEs affect learning?

What can ACEs lead to?

ACEs are linked to chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance misuse in adulthood. However, ACEs can be prevented. Preventing ACEs can help children and adults thrive and potentially: Lower risk for conditions like depression, asthma, cancer, and diabetes in adulthood.

How do ACEs affect the brain?

Adverse childhood experiences: the risks If a person is in a constant state of fear or stress, their brain may adapt to survive within this environment. This may lead to impaired development of areas of the brain involved in logical thinking (such as the prefrontal cortex) and memory (such as the hippocampus).

What is ACE™ Training Online?

ACE™ Training Online is offered at a fraction of the cost of direct training. Whether you’re looking for a promotion at work, or simply want to be better understood, ACE™ Training Online is an affordable resource for personal and professional development. I like how ACE Training was structured.

What is an ACE Study Program?

Packed with the best evidence-based exercise and behavior-change science, ACE Study Programs have everything you need to get certified and launch your career as an ACE Pro. Develop customized exercise programs for a variety of clients. Empower clients to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behaviors.

What does it mean to be ACE certified?

Being ACE Certified means, I can help people be the best versions of themselves. ACE provides so many tools to help me be a better trainer, coach and mentor to people who are on a health and fitness journey. As an ACE Certified Pro for more than 20 years, I get to make people smile and find fun in exercise every single day.

How can the ACE™ Training modules help?

Each of the 14 training modules includes pronunciation goals and strategies to help you decrease your accent. Practice the module content to become more clear and confident speaking English. Complete the ACE™ Training Modules whenever and wherever works best for you. Membership includes lifetime access to the content.