What is a Zimm plot?

What is a Zimm plot?

The Zimm plot is widely used to determine the weight average molecular weight, the coil radius of gyration and the second virial coefficient despite the approximation involved because it is only used in extrapolation.

How do you find the radius of gyration from Zimm?

The radius of gyration is obtained from the square root of the slope multiplied by 3.

How do you measure light scattering?

Two techniques are used to detect the light scattering of a solution: (1) nephelometry, in which the light-scattering species in solution are monitored by measuring the light intensity at an angle away from the incident light passing through the sample; (2) turbidimetry, in which the light-scattering species in …

What is the Rayleigh ratio?

[′rā·lē ‚rā·shō] (optics) Light-scattering relationship defined by the ratio of intensities of incident and scattered light at a specified distance; used in photometric and refractometric analyses.

What is static light scattering used for?

Static Light Scattering is a technique used primarily for determining the molecular weight and size of molecules in solution. At its most basic level, it involves passing a laser beam through a solution of material and measuring the photons scattered by the particles in solution at various angles around the sample.

Does light scattering have units?

The fraction of light scattered by scattering particles over the unit travel length (e.g., meter) is the number of particles per unit volume N times the cross-section. For example, the major constituent of the atmosphere, nitrogen, has a Rayleigh cross section of 5.1×10−31 m2 at a wavelength of 532 nm (green light).

Why do we need two extrapolations in light scattering technique for the determination of molecular weight?

Thus, analysis or deconvolution of light scattering data requires two extrapo- lations. One is an extrapolation to small particle size to remove the large particle size effect. The other is an extrapolation to zero concentration to remove the effect of non-ideal solutions.

What are the examples of scattering of light?

Examples of scattering

  • Red colour of sun at sunrise and sunset.
  • White colour of sky at noon.
  • Blue colour of sky.
  • Red colour used as danger signal.

What is Nephelometry used for?

Nephelometry has been applied to the quantitative determination of various protein and other antigens in blood serum, urine or cerebrospinal fluid such as lipoproteins, immunoglobulins, complement factors, rheumatoid factors and immune complexes.