What is a StreamReader?

What is a StreamReader?

A StreamReader is a TextReader which means it is a Stream wrapper. A TextReader will convert (or encode) Text data (string or char) to byte[] and write them down to the underlying Stream .

What is the difference between StreamReader and FileStream in C#?

FileStream class provides reading and writing functionality of bytes to physical file. StreamReader provides a helper method to read string from FileStream by converting bytes into strings. StreamWriter provides a helper method to write string to FileStream by converting strings into bytes.

How do you use StreamWriter and StreamReader?

Let’s look at an example, where we write data to a file using StreamWriter and the read data from the file using StreamReader….StreamReader And StreamWriter Classes In C#

Member Description
Write() This method is used to write data to a text stream without a newline.
WriteLine() This method is used to write data to a text stream with a newline.

Should I use FileStream?

When to Use FILESTREAM The size and use of the data determines whether you should use database storage or file system storage. If the following conditions are true, you should consider using FILESTREAM: Objects that are being stored are, on average, larger than 1 MB. Fast read access is important.

What namespace is used with the StreamReader class?

System.IO namespace
StreamReader and StreamWriter are found in the System.IO namespace. Both classes are useful when you want to read or write character-based data.

What is the use of streamreader in Java?

The StreamReader is used for reading string or large sentences from a file. The StreamReader also uses the TextReader class as its base class and then offers methods like Reading and ReadLine to read data from the stream. Here we have created an object from the StreamReader using the FileStream.

What is the use of FILESTREAM?

FileStream provides a Stream for a file, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous read and write operations. A stream is a flow of data from a source into a destination. The source or destination can be a disk, memory, socket, or other programs. When we use FileStream, we work with bytes.

Is it possible to downcast from FILESTREAM to streamreader?

No, i was mentioned the FileStream class can be down-casted to Stream class implicitly, since it’s inherited from it, as a parameter of constructor of StreamReader.

How do I read and write data from a FILESTREAM?

The FileStream’s Read method reads a block of bytes from the stream and writes the data in a given buffer. The first argument is the byte offset in array at which the read bytes will be placed. The second is the maximum number of bytes to read. The Encoding.UTF8.GetString decodes all the bytes in the specified byte array into a string.