What is a sifter grinder?

What is a sifter grinder?

The beauty of a sifter grinder, as opposed to just a standard grinder, is that they work to sift and filter your culinary herbs and spices as you grind them; only extracting the finest and most potent flavours.

What is a grinder kief catcher for?

The Kief Catcher at the bottom of an herb grinder is designed to catch and collect the finest herb particles. We offer best use practices and tips to use the catcher properly and even increase the amount of kief collected!

Do 3 piece grinders catch kief?

The distinction from a two -or three- piece grinder is that it will have a kief catcher chamber in the bottom,beneath a fine screen to catch the kief that falls off of your buds when shredded.

How does the Cali Crusher work?

Cali Crusher Homegrowns utilize powerful neodymium earth magnets to ensure a strong hold. They are bead blasted, producing a scratch resistant finish. An ultrasonic cleanse leaves them free of metal shavings and CNC fluid application makes this product medical grade.

Are space case grinders worth it?

Space Case grinders are the cream of the crop – top-shelf buttery goodness. They’re the original players here and they’ve been making these things for over a decade now. Not much has changed over the years, the quality and craftsmanship is still top tier and they really do grind like butta.

Are Chongz grinders good?

Its incredible and sophisticated functionality make it an excellent tool for both beginners and experts on a budget alike! Make the most of your culinary herbs and spices with the Plastic 5 part Sifter Grinder by Chongz! A quality affordable grinder that’s a must have for any smoker!

How do you unclog a kief catcher?

One of the easiest and most reliable methods you can use to clean your grinder screen is putting your whole grinder into the freezer for about 15 to 20 minutes. As the kief and resin are almost exclusively fat matter, this will make the kief clogged to the grid or surface of the grinder screen get hard by the cold.

Why should I put my grinder in the freezer?

Freezing your grinder has multiple benefits. It makes it easier to clean and it allows you to easily scrape off valuable kief and resin that’s surely filled every nook and cranny. This works for a lot of tools, not just grinders by the way.