What is a Polyspike?

What is a Polyspike?

Polyspikes are characterized by a run of two or more spikes, whereas the polyspike-wave complex consists of polyspikes followed by slow waves (5). In GGE, polyspikes usually occur in the form of high-amplitude rhythmic bursts with synchronized and generalized distribution (Figure ‚Äč1).

Why is it called Sunflower syndrome?

It was initially believed that individuals with Sunflower syndrome were consciously inducing seizures for attention or pleasure. This belief created a stigma around the disorder. As a result, people have adopted the belief that individuals with Sunflower syndrome can control their hand waving episodes.

Is myoclonus a disability?

Myoclonus creates significant disability for patients. This symptom or sign can have many different etiologies, presentations, and pathophysiological mechanisms. A thorough evaluation for the myoclonus etiology is critical for developing a treatment strategy.

What is UPD Wonder eyelid tape?

UPD Wonder Eyelid Tape has been invented to generate dual eyelid and make the lid intense and wide. It is one well-built double sided sticky tape where the glue follows the formula of medical use tape. UPD ensures that this tape is safe to use water and sweat proof, invisible after applying and sustain the whole day.

What is double eye lid tape?

Double Eye Lid Tape; Super strong holding double faced medical-use adhesive tape specially Made to create double eyelid. Easily make deep and natural crease on eyelids. Super strong holding Invisible when applied and stay inside the crease all day long. Strong water and sweat resistance.

How to choose the best eyelid tape for droopy eyes?

For droopy eyes, pick a tape that tends to lift the outer corner of the eyes, I.e., a tape that features a thicker end in the outer corner of the eye. Eyelid tapes can play a role in enhancing your beauty and face looks.

How to apply makeup with V-shaped tape?

Hold on to the grip part of the V-shape stick and apply to your eyelids, while adjusting the angles and position. 3. Gently push-in the tape to your eyelid to adhere it. 4. Apply makeup.