What is a pickling finish on wood?

What is a pickling finish on wood?

A “pickled finish”—sometimes referred to as bleaching or whitewashing—makes natural wood lighter. Where did it all begin? In days of yore, lime was often applied to furniture and other wood objects to prevent bug infestations. Today pine, ash, oak and other open-pore woods are the species most commonly “pickled.”

What is pickled white?

The opaque white pigment in Pickling White creates what is classically known as white washing. A centuries-old technique, white washing has gained popularity recently in the shabby chic trend. Chalky undertones in this color instantly produce a carefree style while maintaining a touch of femininity.

How do you pickle with white paint?

Mix 1 part white latex primer-sealer with 3 parts water. Using a 4-inch brush, paint on a patch of the pickling solution. Tip: When pickling soft woods like pine, apply a water-based wood conditioner first, then sand lightly to allow the pickling to take evenly.

How do you pickle finish on oak?

Using a 4-inch paintbrush, apply a patch of the pickling solution to your furniture piece. Using a clean, dry rag, rub the pickling solution into the wood against the grain. Then use a fresh rag to wipe with the grain to remove the excess. Repeat this sequence, working in patches to cover your item evenly.

What color is pickled oak?

Beige Cream
Pickled Oak is an interior wood stain color in our Beige Cream wood stain color family. Great when used to stain hardwood floors, stain wood cabinets, or trim it is sure to look wonderful in your next interior stain project.

How do you make whitewash effect wood?


  1. Mix paint and water to desired consistency (for this example, I used equal parts).
  2. Dip rag in mixture and apply it liberally to the wood as you would a stain, wiping over it with a rag to evenly distribute it.
  3. Dry and repeat coats until desired opacity.

How to create a pickled finish on wood?

– One Part Water-Based White Latex Primer – Three Parts Water – Salt and Pepper to Taste

Which wood finish is best?

– Lacquer Wood Finish. Lacquer is a wood finish typically made with a solution of nitrocellulose and solvents to make a glossy or matte coating. – Varnish Wood Finish. Varnish wood finishes tend to consist of a resin, a drying oil and a solvent or thinner. – Application Tips for Types of Wood Finishes.

How to pick your wood finish?

Price. Pine is cheaper than many hardwoods because it is much softer.

  • Finish. Pine often receives a beautiful,distressed finish in keeping with it’s history of use in the American farmhouse.
  • Accessibility. Pine trees are common all over the United States,so it’s a natural choice for use in furniture and construction.
  • Quality.
  • Customization.
  • Shipping.
  • What is pickling wood finish?

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  • damp cloth
  • sander+sandpaper
  • water-based clear coat
  • personal protective equipment