What is a mag drive pump?

What is a mag drive pump?

What is a Mag-drive pump? Mag-drive pumps are a design of magnetically-driven chemical-process pump which eliminate the need for shaft sealing. This greatly reduces the initial cost of the pump as well as day-to-day operational costs as there aren’t any mechanical seals, seal-fluid pots, or cooling lines fitted.

What is drive gear in a gear pump?

In a gear pump, there are generally two gears. One gear is the driver gear or the power gear and the other one is driven or the idle gear. The driver gear is connected to some prime movers or any mechanical energy source. The driver gear is also known as master gear and the driven gear is also known as slave gear.

Are mag drive pumps self priming?

SMX Series of magnetically driven non-metallic pumps offer an innovative true self-priming design with no mechanical seals for years of trouble-free service.

Why gear pump is called positive displacement pump?

What is a positive displacement pump? A positive displacement pump provides a constant flow at fixed speed, regardless of changes in pressure. The pump makes the fluid move by trapping a fixed amount and forcing the volume into the discharge pipe.

How many gears does a gear pump have?

A fixed displacement represents that this pump delivers a constant amount of liquid with every shaft’s revolution. Gear pump usually has two gears. One gear knows as the idler gear or the driven gear and the second gear knows as the power or the driver gear.

How do gear pumps work?

Gear pumps work by trapping fluid between the teeth of two or three rotating gears. Often, they are magnetically driven, which means they use less “wetted” materials for greater chemical compatibility. Gear pumps move a cavity that rotates rather than reciprocates.

What is a magnetic drive pump?

Magnetic drive pumps are an important class of seal-less pumps. An example of a magnetic drive pump. Courtesy of Amin Almasi Pumps are usually categorized in two major groups: conventional-sealed pumps and seal-less pumps.

What type of lubrication is used in magnetic drive pumps?

Metallic magnetic drive pumps have been used for even higher temperatures. Because a magnetic drive pump is an enclosed piece of equipment, lubrication oil or grease cannot be used for bearings. Therefore, pumped liquid is used for the lubrication of bearings as well as for cooling needs.

What are the limitations of magnetic drive pumps?

Because magnetic drive pumps utilize magnets to transfer the torque and power from the drive assembly to the impeller assembly, there are some limitations with these pumps. For example, when magnet materials are exposed to temperatures above their threshold, they can begin to lose their magnetism.

What are magnetic drive pump bearings made of?

Traditionally, magnetic drive pump bearings have been made from silicon carbide, which has been an excellent bearing material under normal operation; however, it can suffer during some abnormal conditions such as dry running, dynamic loading and potential impact.