What is a 469 tritype?

What is a 469 tritype?

The 469 is a seeker with a lot of self doubt. There is always more to learn when you are this tritype but the desire is to develop a philosophy. the 6 and 4 have the most self doubt along with the 9. The 4 doubts their feelings, the 6 their thoughts. 6s want reassurance, 4s want praise to offset their natural tendency to be shame sensitive.

What is a tritype personality?

The term Tritype refers to a theory regarding the Enneagram of Personality and was coined by Enneagram researcher and coach Katherine Chernick Fauvre. [1] The word Tritype was formed from Latin, with the prefix tri meaning three, [2] and the word type added referring to the Enneagram types.

What is a 953 personality type like?

A 953 would be the kind of 9 who is more intellectual (5), perfectionistic, and focused on efficiency (3) with less emphasis on maintaining harmonious relationships than other 9s. Yes, the Tritypes® have wings.

Which tritype is the most troubled by insecurities?

If 6 is dominant in the 469 tritype, there are more obvious fears and concerns. However, 946 and 469 are equally troubled by insecurities. All 3 types have a little paralysis through analysis.