What happened to Senator Barbara Boxer?

What happened to Senator Barbara Boxer?

On July 26, 2021, Boxer was assaulted and robbed of her mobile phone in the Jack London Square section of Oakland, California. A $2,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. Boxer was not seriously injured in the attack.

Is Barbara Boxer married?

Stewart BoxerBarbara Boxer / Spouse (m. 1962)

How old is Barbara Boxer?

81 years (November 11, 1940)Barbara Boxer / Age

Where did Barbara Boxer live?

Rancho Mirage
Barbara Boxer/Places lived

How tall is Barbara Boxer?

4′ 11″Barbara Boxer / Height

What political affiliation is Barbara Boxer?

California Democratic PartyBarbara Boxer / Party

How old is Stewart Boxer?

Alex Stewart (boxer)

Alex Stewart
Born 28 June 1964 London, England, UK
Died 16 November 2016 (aged 52) Mount Vernon, New York, U.S.
Stance Orthodox

Was Barbara Boxer assaulted in Oakland?

“Former Sen. Barbara Boxer assaulted, robbed in Oakland”. KCBS (AM). Retrieved July 27, 2021. ^ Kirkpatrick, David D. (April 1, 2006). “Call to Censure Bush Is Answered by a Mostly Empty Echo” – via NYTimes.com. ^ “Transcript of remarks between Boxer and Rice”. San Francisco Chronicle. January 19, 2005. Retrieved May 25, 2010.

What District did Barbara Boxer represent?

With the slogan “Barbara Boxer Gives a Damn”, she was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1982, representing California’s 6th district . Boxer won the 1992 election for the U.S. Senate.

What does Barbara Boxer do now?

Barbara Sue Levy Boxer (born November 11, 1940) is an American former politician who has worked as a lobbyist and foreign agent since leaving the United States Senate, where she represented California from 1993 to 2017.

Was Barbara Boxer robbed at Jack London Square?

Former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer was reportedly shoved to the ground and robbed of her cell phone near Oakland’s Jack London Square on Monday afternoon. The former senator’s Twitter account reported the news and the Oakland Police Department confirmed it, as KPIX reports.