What happened to Phelan Beale Jr?

What happened to Phelan Beale Jr?

Beale was employed with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission in Tulsa and Oklahoma City for 30 years. Following his retirement from the commission, he consulted on unemployment compensation law.

What happened to Little Edie Beale’s hair?

From 1947 to 1952, she lived in the Barbizon Hotel for Women and worked as a model, dancer, and actress. When she was in her late 30s, Beale developed alopecia totalis which caused her body hair to fall out and prompted her to wear her signature headscarves.

Is Edie from Grey Gardens still alive?

In 1979, Edie Beale sold Grey Gardens to Washington Post editors Ben Bradlee and Sally Quinn for a little more than $220,000 and a promise from the couple to restore it. Eventually, Little Edie relocated to Florida, where she rented an apartment in Bal Harbour. She died there on January 14, 2002. She was 84.

What happened to Gould from Grey Gardens?

When he died, Gould had been sick for three weeks, reportedly with a bleeding ulcer (he did not commit suicide). His funeral was held at his home on Pantigo Road in East Hampton. His brother Ted left his bedroom untouched for the next twenty years. He is buried in Cedar Lawn Cemetery in East Hampton.

Is the movie Grey Gardens based on a true story?

The true-life story of reclusive Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy relatives Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter, Edith (“Little Edie”), was the subject of both a famous 1975 documentary and a 2009 HBO film, both with the title Grey Gardens.

What happened to Big Edie’s portrait?

The painting, lost to the Beale family for decades, is now at the center of a legal battle between them and an art gallery owner in East Hampton who bought the portrait years ago and who dismisses the Beale family’s claim to ownership.

What happened to Edie Beales husband?

In 1947, he remarried to Dorothy D. Durham of Poplarville, Mississippi. He died in Pass Christian, Mississippi in 1956. Big Edie died in 1977.

Who is Big Edie and Little Edie?

Before the 1950s, Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith Bouvier Beale were members of an affluent family. But it all came crashing down after a divorce tore them apart. Known as Big Edie and Little Edie, the two were incredibly attached to one another.

What happened to Little Edie after Grey Gardens?

Little Edie at Grey Gardens, in a still from the documentary. Over the following two decades she’d sell her famous home, relocate to New York City, and live in Florida, Canada, and California.

Who was Phelan Beale married to?

Phelan Beale. Phelan Beale (May 23, 1881 – June 12, 1956) was an American attorney and sportsman in New York City who was married to Edith Ewing Bouvier, an aunt of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Who was John D Beale?

He was the grandson of John D. Phelan (1809-1879), an Alabama Speaker of the House and Alabama Supreme Court Justice. Beale graduated from the University of the South in 1902 and from Columbia University Law School in 1905. He formed the law practice of Bouvier and Beale with Jacqueline Onassis ‘s grandfather John Vernou Bouvier Jr.

When did Beale and his wife get divorced?

In 1924, Beale and his wife acquired the 28-room Grey Gardens mansion fronting the ocean (the oceanfront parcels were sold much later) in the Georgica Pond neighborhood. In 1926, Beale and his wife separated in 1931 and were legally divorced in 1946, but continued his presence in East Hampton.

Who is Beale from Grey Gardens?

Beale is probably best remembered as the absent father chronicled in the Grey Gardens saga portrayed in a 1975 movie documentary, 2006 Broadway musical, and 2009 HBO film, all of which were named for his home in East Hampton, New York . Beale was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and grew up in Montgomery, Alabama.