What happened to Exo members on Running Man?

What happened to Exo members on Running Man?

Just in a short time, the cast of Running Man was able to oust Kris, Baekhyun, D.O, and Xiumin. The remaining EXO members continued trying their best to hide, and the preview of the next episode was viewed when there was only 1 minute until the next rotation. You can see a few clips of the episode here:

What happened to Yixing from Exo?

The story of Yixing’s temporary leave from EXO is complicated. Yixing, who is Chinese, went back to his home country, where he is pursing a solo career, amid rising tensions between China and South Korea in 2016.

Will Exo lay appear on “ Hurry Up Brother”?

EXO ‘s Lay has been confirmed to appear on an upcoming episode of “ Hurry Up, Brother ,” also known as the Chinese version of “ Running Man .” According to local media sources, Lay took part in a shoot held in Hangzhou on March 25. In addition to the EXO member, Chinese stars Eddie Peng and Lin Gengxin participated in shooting the episode.

What happened to Running Man’s Lay and Yoo Jae-suk?

The time for rotation came again, and the cast of Running Man became the seekers once again. And during this time, while EXO members were faced with elimination, many funny moments occurred, such as Lay begging Yoo Jae-suk not to oust him because he’s a big fan of him, which absolutely did not work on the latter.

What episode does Jae-suk kill Exo?

EPISODE 172. Broadcast on November 17, 2013. We pick up with last week’s hide-and-seek game against idol group EXO. With less than 20 seconds left before the switch, Jae-suk corners two idol boys in the elevator… then swiftly eliminates them both, tieing the game to 5:5.

What happened to Kai on ‘Running Man’?

Despite Kai doing his best to slip away from the cast of the show, he was eventually caught and eliminated, which brought Running Man team to a victory. You can see a few clips of the episode here: