What games can you play in hot tub?

What games can you play in hot tub?

7 Fun Hot Tub Games You Can Play With Family & Friends

  • HOT TUB HOCKEY. What You Need: Your hot tub, family and friends, floating duckie.
  • PASS THE BOTTLE. What You Need: A hard plastic bottle filled with water, capped.
  • SUBMARINE. What You Need: Two large plastic cups.

How do you make a hot tub fun?

10 Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub

  1. Read a Good Book. Why sit on the couch and read when you can be in the hot tub?
  2. Relax with Music and Aromatherapy.
  3. Watch a Movie.
  4. Water Dance and Exercise.
  5. Host a Hot Tub Party.
  6. Play Games.
  7. Take a Phone Call.
  8. Meditate.

How do you have a good hot tub party?

One of the best ways to enjoy your hot tub with friends and family is to host a hot tub party….7 Tips to Help You Throw the Perfect Hot Tub Party

  1. Play by the numbers.
  2. Have extra swimsuits and towels.
  3. Have other things to do.
  4. Clean and maintain your spa before the party.
  5. Make it musical.
  6. Dip before you sip.
  7. Decorate the area.

How do you run a submarine in a hot tub?

Place the submarine in the middle of the hot tub, with all players sitting around it. Then, use the other plastic cup to pour just a little bit of water into the submarine. Pass the plastic cup to the next player and repeat until all players have taken their turn.

What you do in a hot tub?

10 Things to Do in a Hot Tub by Yourself

  • Read a good book. A good story is one of the best ways to relax and escape the stress of daily life.
  • Listen to music or a podcast.
  • Learn a language.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Hot tub aromatherapy.
  • Meditate.
  • Do water yoga or exercise.
  • Catch up with a friend.

What age is OK for hot tub?

5 years old
It’s generally recommended that 5 years old is the minimum age for hot tub use. Children and toddlers younger than that may not have completely developed thermoregulation processes that allow them to maintain an appropriate body temperature when submerged in hot water.

How do you play a Jacuzzi?

The game starts with the current inspector picking one of their inspection cards to play secretly. It will be placed facedown under their stand. Then, all remaining players will choose one of their suspicion cards to play and will receive all at the same time.

What do couples do in a hot tub?

Hot tubs are perfect for couples to spend a romantic evening together. Play some music, light a few candles or add twinkly lights…and maybe chill a bottle of champagne by the side. Have a party! Hot tubs can be a great idea to relax socially after work with family or friends.

Can u go in hot tub in rain?

Yes, you can. It is good in both rain and snow because your body is warm even though your head may feel cold.

What do guys do in a hot tub?

Date Night: Fun in the Hot Tub

  • Romantic Lighting. Candles, soft lamps, or twinkle lights are an important addition to the romantic ambiance.
  • Refreshments.
  • Lubricant.
  • Music.
  • Relaxing Rub.
  • Horizontal Play.
  • Fun And Games.
  • Water Play.

Are hot tubs fun?

Hot tubs are a lot of fun, popular around the world, and have a long and interesting history. These great tools have provided a great deal of fun for many generations.

What should you not put in a hot tub?

So – the top 10 things you should never, ever do in a hot tub.

  1. Don’t drink alcohol, and don’t use drugs.
  2. Have a boo boo?
  3. Don’t use bubble bath.
  4. Don’t leave your kids alone.
  5. Don’t goof around.
  6. One of the fun things about a hot tub is that you can use it all year long, even in winter or in the rain.

What kind of games can you play in a hot tub?

Waterproof Games and Playing Cards Purchase a set of waterproof playing cards or waterproof UNO and bring game night to your hot tub. Use a floating mat or tray to enjoy games of poker, gin rummy, go fish and more. You can also purchase a floating game board to play games like checkers, chess and backgammon.

How do you play the Cup game in a hot tub?

Goal: Each player must pour water into the floating cup without it sinking to the bottom of the hot tub. How to Play: First, turn down the power of your jets in the tub or shut them off completely. Take a cup and set it in the middle of the tub so that it floats and bobs around (you may have to put a little water in the cup to stabilize it).

How much does a hot tub party cost?

Our Hot Tub Parties start from £180 for a Thursday through Monday hire. We have a few different packages, from Kid’s Parties to 40th Birthday’s, so drop us an email or a message and let us know your requirements. For more details, get in touch!

What can you do with a hot tub?

So adults grab a glass of wine and enjoy unwinding in the evening. Our amazing hot tubs are delivered right into your back garden and can be covered with a gazebo and decorated with lights. So no matter the weather, its always a party in the garden!