What does the lamb represent in the Passover?

What does the lamb represent in the Passover?

Paschal lamb, in Judaism, the lamb sacrificed at the first Passover, on the eve of the Exodus from Egypt, the most momentous event in Jewish history. According to the story of the Passover (Exodus, chapter 12), the Jews marked their doorposts with the blood of the lamb, and this sign spared them from destruction.

Why is Jesus a lamb?

“To be called a Lamb of God means that God gave Jesus to be killed like a lamb for our sins so we could live forever.” The majority of Old Testament passages that mention “lamb” refer to a sacrifice (85 out of 96). As a nation, Israel began its history by putting lamb’s blood on the doorposts and lintels of each house.

What is the biblical meaning of Passover?

Passover, Hebrew Pesaḥ or Pesach, in Judaism, holiday commemorating the Hebrews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt and the “passing over” of the forces of destruction, or the sparing of the firstborn of the Israelites, when the Lord “smote the land of Egypt” on the eve of the Exodus.

Why is the lamb a symbol of God?

In Christianity, the lamb represents Christ as both suffering and triumphant; it is typically a sacrificial animal, and may also symbolize gentleness, innocence, and purity. When depicted with the LION, the pair can mean a state of paradise. In addition, the lamb symbolizes sweetness, forgiveness and meekness.

What is the Passover story?

Passover commemorates the Biblical story of Exodus — where God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. The celebration of Passover is prescribed in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament (in Judaism, the first five books of Moses are called the Torah).

Is Lamb of God religious?

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What is the nature of a lamb?

A lamb — cunning, capricious, soft and cuddly — is so much like a human in actions. A lamb, like a human, must be taught to stay close to the shepherd.

What is Passover in simple terms?

Passover (Hebrew: פסח, Pesach) is a religious holiday or festival noted by ceremonies each year, mostly by Jewish people. They celebrate it to remember when God used Moses to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, as told in the book of Exodus in the Bible.

What is the Passover lamb?

The Passover lamb was the animal God directed the Israelites to use as a sacrifice in Egypt on the night God struck down the firstborn sons of every household ( Exodus 12:29 ). This was the final plague God issued against Pharaoh, and it led to Pharaoh releasing the Israelites from slavery ( Exodus 11:1 ).

What is the Christian interpretation of the Passover?

The Christian interpretation is the same, but the names have changed. The blood of the Passover lamb symbolizes God’s only begotten son. The blood of Yeshua serves as an atonement. God remembers the Messiah’s sacrifice when he sees the lamb’s blood, and in merit of Messiah’s willing sacrifice, he spares that house from wrath.

When should the Israelites kill the Passover lamb?

In Exodus 12, the Israelites are commanded to kill the Passover Lamb on the 14th day of the 1st month. That meant that the following afternoon the Passover lambs were to be slaughtered in the Temple.

Why did Yeshua sacrifice a lamb for the Passover?

Clearly, the First Century believers regarded the Passover sacrifice of a lamb as finding a type of Messianic satisfaction in the death of the Master. Judaism has always expected the Messiah to bring the great salvation at the appointed time of Passover. Yeshua knew that the Feast of Unleavened Bread was his appointed time.