What does Sacho mean?

What does Sacho mean?

masculine noun. weeding hoe. Copyright © by HarperCollins Publishers.

What does Sancho mean in Korean?

piperitum is called sanshō (山椒, “mountain pepper”) in Japan, but the corresponding cognate term in Korean, sancho (산초) refers to a different species, or Z. schinifolium known as inuzanshō or “dog sansho” in Japan. In Korea, Z.

What is Suhak in Korean?

/suhak/ maths. uncountable noun. Maths is the same as mathematics.

What is Namdongsaeng in Korean?

남동생 (namdongsaeng) noun meaning younger brother in Korean.

What Ancho means in English?

From Mexican Spanish (chile) ancho, ‘wide (chili)’.

What is a Heina?

In Chicano culture, a man who steals another man’s girlfriend is often referred to as “Sancho” while a man’s woman or girlfriend is referred to as “Heina”, which is adapted from the Spanish word reina, meaning “queen” in Spanish.

Does ancho mean wide?

What is a Nalga?

nalga. buttock;nalgas buttocks; backside.

What does RUCA and Heina meaning?

English translation: young lady now she’s my Ruca, I’m barely waiting for my Heina.

Definitions for Sacho Sa·cho. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Sacho. Sacho is a township in Baringo County, Kenya. It is located along Kabarnet – Eldama Ravine road 24 kilometres south of Kabarnet and 6 kilometres north of Tenges. Sacho is the headquarters of Sacho division, an administrative division in Baringo…

What is Sancho?

Get the Sancho neck gaiter and mug. A man who has a continuing sexual relationship with a usually married woman who is not his wife and from whom he generally receives material support which comes from her clueless husband. …and she said, “once my husband leaves to work, I’m calling Sancho.

What does the name Sacha mean?

The name Sacha is of French, Greek, Russian origins, which means it has more than one root, and is used in more than one countries and different languages of the world, especially English speaking countries, French speaking countries among others.

What is a Sancho mug?

Just like Don Quixote’s sidekick, Sancho Panza, a “Sancho” is a lover that a woman has on the side – in addition to her spouse or significant other. She sees her Sancho when her husband’s out of town. Get a Sancho mug for your guy Nathalie.