What does preferred status mean in swtor?

What does preferred status mean in swtor?

As a Preferred Status player, you have access to the following: The ability to run faster (Sprint) starting at Level 1. Cargo Hold access (Bank Slots) and higher login queue priority. More access to Chat and Secure Trading.

Is swtor worth it f2p?

It is hella worth it. You get access to tons of content as f2p player. And, most importantly, if you sub (or buy game time), after subscription ends you keep access to ALL content which was available to you by the time your sub ended plus all new which isn’t sub-only.

How much of swtor is f2p?

SWTOR Free to Play Anyone can now play all of the story content from levels 1-60 completely free, with minor convenience restrictions. This includes: 8 distinct class stories, each with three chapters across 12 planets. First two expansions free.

Is swtor Worth Playing 2022?

If you never played the game it’s definitely worth it a try! A new expansion 7.0 has been planned for Feb 2022 (originally planned in December for its 10 years anniversary). Also the “Free-to-Play” is enough to get yourself a first impression.

How do you know if your a preferred player in swtor?

The easiest way I know of to check is to log into the character selection screen of the game and look at the bottom right corner. It should say you are a subscriber. I believe the email is informing you that you’ve been permanently upgraded to preferred, since you’ve now spent extra money on the game.

What happens if you cancel your SWTOR subscription?

You have 24 days of subscription play time remaining. Your account will move to Free-to-Play status if you cancel your subscription and your paid game time runs out.

Do I need a credit card to play the Old Republic?

You don’t need a credit card to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. However, if you wish to purchase Cartel Coins to spend in the Cartel Market, you will need a valid credit card or PayPal account. You can purchase Cartel Coins on The Old Republic website. Why don’t I have access to some Mission rewards as a Free-to-Play for Preferred Status player?

Can you play Star Wars the Old Republic without a subscription?

Take Survey No, Thanks Here’s what you need to know about playing STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ without a subscription. Play for free up to level 60 and enjoy the original Class and planetary storylines plus the Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan digital expansions.

What is the difference between free-to-play and pre-preferred players?

Preferred players have a few less restrictions than free-to-play-players, and you can become a preferred player by spending at least $5 on the game either by subscribing for at least one month or by buying some cartel coins. Most preferred players are players that subscribed in the past, but are not currently subscribing.

Can free-to-play players trade Valor?

Free-to-play players can not trade, preferred players can trade after level 10, subscribers can trade normally. This is to prevent spam. Valor is a type of rank earned through PvP.