What does plunged to death mean?

What does plunged to death mean?

Definition of plunge to one’s death : to be killed by a sudden fall or jump from a high place The parachute failed to open, and the jumper plunged to her death.

What does it mean to go into mourning?

: to begin to feel or show sadness for someone who has died : to begin the ritual observances accompanying a death (such as the wearing of black) She went into mourning for her dead husband.

What is plunged into?

Definition of plunge into 1 : to push (something) into (something) quickly and forcefully He plunged the knife into the cake. I plunged the sponge into the bucket of water. 2 : to start doing (something) with enthusiasm and energy She plunged (right) into the assignment.

What is the sentence of plunged?

Plunged sentence example. Horse and rider plunged down the side of the dune toward them. Taking a deep breath, she plunged in. The dog plunged from the forest as she dodged the closing screen door.

What made you finally take the plunge meaning?

C2. to make a decision to do something, especially after thinking about it for a long time: They’re finally taking the plunge and getting married.

What is an appropriate mourning period?

Parents or children of the deceased are encouraged to spend six months in mourning, with the heavy mourning period lasting 30 days. Grandparents and siblings are to spend three months in mourning, with the heavy mourning time lasting 30 days. Other family members should spend thirty days in mourning.

Why is black worn at funerals?

1. Why do people wear black to funerals? Nowadays, in much of the western world, wearing black to a funeral is the most common color and is considered a sign of respect. However, the tradition actually dates back to the ancient Romans, when mourners would adopt a darker colored Toga to show they were in mourning.

What does plunged into darkness mean?

Definition of plunge into darkness : to cause (a place) to suddenly become dark The city was plunged into darkness from the earthquake.

What is the extended definition of plunge?

1 : to thrust or cast oneself into or as if into water. 2a : to become pitched or thrown headlong or violently forward and downward also : to move oneself in such a manner plunged off the embankment. b : to act with reckless haste : enter suddenly or unexpectedly plunges into project after project.