What does Katherine Wolf have?

What does Katherine Wolf have?

Katherine Wolf, then 26, had what was initially called a brain stem stroke. She was rushed to UCLA Medical Center and underwent emergency surgery to save her life. The cause of the problem was a malformed cluster of arteries that had been there since she was born, although she never knew it before they burst.

Who are Katherine and Jay Wolf?

Katherine Wolf is a survivor, communicator, and advocate. Originally from the South, she met her husband, Jay, in college. The 22-year-old couple married and moved to Los Angeles where Jay was pursuing a law degree and Katherine began modeling.

Is Katherine Wolf blind?

Today Katherine considers herself intensely disabled, but high functioning. “I cannot drive, which is a huge hardship as a mother of little ones,” said Katherine. She’s nearly blind in her left eye and has double vision in the right eye.

What is the book suffer strong about?

After miraculously surviving a near-fatal brainstem stroke at age 26, as told in their memoir, Hope Heals, life for Katherine and Jay Wolf changed forever – and so did the way they viewed God, the world, and themselves in it.

What causes brain stem stroke?

Causes. Brain stem strokes are caused by the blood supply to part of the brain stem getting cut off, either due to a blockage in the blood vessels (ischemic stroke) or due to bleeding in the blood vessels supplying the brain stem (hemorrhagic stroke).

Who is the author of Hope heals?

Katherine Wolf
Jay Wolf
Hope Heals: A True Story of Overwhelming Loss and an Overcoming Love/Authors

What type of stroke did Katherine Wolf have?

At the age of 26, Katherine Wolf, a young mother and wife, nearly died of a massive brain stem stroke. Katherine suffered from a rupture/bleed in her brain (Arterio-venous Malformation or AVM).

Can you fully recover from a brain stem stroke?

Recovery is possible. Because brain stem strokes do not usually affect language ability, the patient is often able to participate more fully in rehabilitation. Double vision and vertigo usually resolve after several weeks of recovery in mild to moderate brain stem strokes.

How long does it take to recover from brain stem stroke?

The majority of stroke recovery is made within four months, with slow but steady progress after that. At times, “spontaneous recovery” occurs, with the patient suddenly able to perform tasks they found difficult only a few days earlier.

Where did Katherine Wolf go to college?

I was not expected to live or recover,” begins Katherine Wolf. At that time, she and her husband Jay Wolf (JD ’08) were living on campus at Pepperdine, where they were young parents to 6-month-old baby James.

How long does it take to recover from a brain stem stroke?

Does hope hope heal?

Hope does heal. And I will continue to hope and pray for our neighbor, his continued recovery and for his wife who endures so much of the burden alone. Honest, inspiring, and beautifully written. You’ve never read a story like this before! This is not a story you can read and put back on the shelf to catch dust.

What is Hope Heals camp?

Katherine and Jay have shared their journey of steadfast hope and whole-hearted living with hundreds of thousands of people at live events in thirty states, and to millions more online since 2008. They released their first book, Hope Heals, in 2016 and in 2017 launched Hope Heals Camp, a healing community for families…

Who is Katherine Wolf and Jay Wolf?

Katherine Wolf is a survivor, communicator, and advocate. Originally from the South, she met her husband, Jay, in college. They married and moved to Los Angeles to pursue law school for Jay and the entertainment industry for Katherine.

What happened to the wolf family?

An excruciating yet beautiful road to recovery has led the Wolf family to their new normal, in which almost every moment of life is marked with the scars of that fateful April day in 2008.