What does Inspector General do Air Force?

What does Inspector General do Air Force?

The Inspector General independently assesses and reports on the overall readiness, economy, efficiency, and the state of discipline of the Department of the Air Force to the Secretary of the Air Force through specified inquiries, investigations and inspections.

Does the Air Force have an Inspector General?

The Inspector General of the Department of the Air Force is responsible for conducting investigations and inspections as directed by the Secretary of the Air Force, Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, and Chief of Space Operations.

What is an Ori Air Force?

In short, the ORI is the final exam on how well a wing can conduct its wartime mission. At the end of the inspection, each wing that participates will receive one of five grades ranging from “outstanding” to “unsatisfactory.” The 62nd AW’s ORI will be a joint effort with the 446th Airlift Wing and 627th Air Base Group.

What does IG stand for in the Air Force?

Inspector General
Your wing Inspector General (IG) plays a vital role ensuring the readiness, discipline, and efficiency of every aspect of your Air Force mission.

How does an IG complaint work?

An Inspector General (IG) investigates fraud, waste, and abuse, as well as threats to public safety and morale. An IG conducts administrative reviews, inquiries, or investigations to resolve complaints.

How do I contact the Air Force Inspector General?

To report criminal or civil acts of fraud or corruption, you can contact AFOSI directly at: AFOSI Hotline: (877) 246-1453. Email: [email protected]. Text Tips: Text “AFOSI” and tip information to 274637 (CRIMES)

Who is the current DoD inspector general?

Sean O’Donnell
Department of Defense Office of Inspector General

The Seal of the Inspector General
Formed 1982
Parent agency Department of Defense
Agency head Sean O’Donnell (acting)
Website www.dodig.mil

How to become an Air Force general?

– Knowledge of military and civilian law – Current admission to the bar of a Federal Court or the highest court of a state – Designation by The Judge Advocate General as a judge advocate – Completion of eight-week Officer Training School – Must be between the ages of 18 and 40

What to know before Air Force basic training?

Basic Requirements. The Air Force requires you to have a four-year college degree or meet the guidelines for OTS in an alternative method. Before you consider applying for Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) make sure you meet the minimum requirements: Between the ages of 18-39. A citizen of the United States.

What are the qualifications for Air Force?

Air Force Requirements. If you are in high school,your first concern should be education. Stay in school and graduate.

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  • What are the requirements for Air Force officer training school?

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