What does AO2 mean in a METAR?

What does AO2 mean in a METAR?

automated station with precipitation discriminator
AO2. automated station with precipitation discriminator.

What does RMK AO2 mean?

3016 means 30.16 inches of mercury for the pressure. RMK AO2-REMARKS. RMK simply means REMARKS and marks the end of the standard metar observation and the beginning of the remarks that are put in as necessay. A02 means that the site is automated and HAS a precipitation sensor.

How do I decode a TAF report?

The format is a two-digit date and four-digit time followed, without a space, by the letter Z. Routine TAFs are prepared and filed approximately one-half hour prior to scheduled issuance times. TAFs are scheduled for issuance foure times daily at 0000Z, 0600Z, 1200Z, and 1800Z.

What does TAF stand for in aviation?

Terminal Area Forecast
The Terminal Area Forecast ( TAF ) is the official FAA forecast of aviation activity for U.S. airports. It contains active airports in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems ( NPIAS ) including FAA -towered airports, Federal contract-towered airports, non-federal towered airports, and non-towered airports.

What does P0000 mean on a METAR?

Pxxxx is precipitation in the past hour in tenths of an inch. P0000 indicates “trace” of precipitation.

What does RAB mean in a METAR?


Light intensity (precip)
RAB Rain Began @ HHMM (RAB 1421) or as Min past hour (RAB 21) [METAR]
RADAT Radiosonde observation addl data (RADAT 87045 = 87 % RH at frzg level of 4500 MSL)
RAE Rain Ended @ HHMM (RAE 1433) or as Min past hour (RAE 33) [METAR]
RAPID Rapid(ly)

How do I read a METAR report?

The first two digits are the date, the 16th of the month, and the last four digits are the time of the METAR, which is always given in coordinated universal time (UTC), otherwise known as Zulu time. A ā€œZā€ is appended to the end of the time to denote that the time is given in Zulu time (UTC) as opposed to local time.

What is TAF and METAR?

A TAF report is valid for 24 to 30-hour time periods and is typically updated four times a day. Thus, the distinction is quite clear ā€“ a METAR pertains to current weather conditions, while a TAF pertains forecasted weather for the next 24 to 30 hours.

What is the difference between METAR and Taf report?

A METAR report contains information on the current weather conditions of the facility releasing the report. It is released according to a regular schedule unless sudden or exceptional weather changes occur. TAF stands for Terminal Aerodrome Forecast.

What is a TAF FORCAST?

A TAF is a terminal forcast. It is issued every few hours, and is updated if necessary sooner. Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR) Example: METAR

What are the limitations of encrypted METAR and TAFs?

Yet encrypted METAR and TAFs do have their limitations.Sometimes it is difficult to quickly visualize all the information it contains. A METAR or TAF can be set up with other units than you are used to and you have to convert. 50 codes are used for weather phenomena and the condition of the runways.

What are Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs)?

Consult the Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs) for airports along your route of flight to obtain cloud base and surface precipitation forecasts to determine where these exit strategies can be used.