What do I do with old Box Tops?

What do I do with old Box Tops?

THE OLDBOX TOPS CLIPS If you discover a traditional Box Tops clip on a product, you can still clip it and send it to school. Every valid Box Tops clip is still worth 10ยข for your school. Make sure each one you turn in has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date.

How to redeem Box Tops for Education?

Keep your receipt! Redeem your Receipt. Redeem the Box Tops for Education earnings from your purchase by scanning your full receipt with the App within 14 days of your date of purchase as indicated on the receipt. You may scan a maximum of 50 receipts per day per registered account.

Is Box Tops still a thing?

But the clippings are rapidly becoming symbols of a bygone era, as General Mills announced in 2019 that it would be retiring physical Box Tops in favor of an app. Many think of the program as a feel-good way for a company to help families support their schools.

Are expired Box Tops accepted?

DON’T turn in expired Box Tops. Unfortunately, that Box Top that you just found that expired in 2009 or even the one that expired at the end of last month DOESN’T COUNT. Box Tops generally expire on the first of the month. Be sure to get yours in EARLY so your coordinator has time to send them in before they expire.

Are Box Tops for Education being discontinued?

The Box Tops for Education clips are being phased out in favor of a mobile app where folks can scan store receipts for qualifying products to earn money for their schools. Until the clips expire, families can double dip by cutting out the Box Tops and scanning their receipts.

How do you collect Box Tops?

  1. Buy. Box tops products. Look for the logo! Be sure to check the full list of participating products, as some are not labeled.
  2. SCAN. your receipt. Tap the scan button to snap a photo of your receipt within 14 days of purchase.
  3. EARN. cash for your school. Box Tops earnings are identified and automatically updated online.

Can I turn in expired Box Tops?

Can homeschoolers use Box Tops?

Homeschoolers can use Box Tops for Education, but the homeschool has to be registered as a 501-C3 organization. So, perhaps a co-op you use, an online academy, or a homeschool that is registered with the state. Click this link to learn more about Box Tops for Homeschoolers.

How do you make a Box Tops collection container for preschool?

The box tops collection container was super easy to do. All you need is a label or piece of cardstock, marker, and glue. Cut out a piece of paper to fit on your Kleenex box. Using a marker, write box tops on the box. We also taped a couple of box tops on the label to help our preschooler identify the purpose of the container.

How much do you get for collecting box tops?

Each box tops you collect earns your school $.10. Schools can use the money for anything they need from computers to books to playground equipment and much more. This post contains affiliate links.

How can I use the collection and offering box?

Our solid oak collection and offering box includes an attractive stand making it perfect for use in the narthex or near the exits for hands free offering drop off on the way in or out of the church. Collection box can be removed from stand for table top use and stand can be used for other purposes such as plants, brochures, books, etc.

What are the different types of donation boxes?

Wall mount, free-standing and table top donation boxes. All models feature locks. If you buy multiple offering boxes, they will be keyed alike. Long handled offering baskets allow ushers to walk down the aisles to collect offerings without the need to pass a collection plate.