What district is Queenstown Singapore?

What district is Queenstown Singapore?

District 03
District 03 contains a hodgepodge of modern and historical elements. It consists of Alexandra Road, Queenstown and Tiong Bahru – some of Singapore’s earliest housing estates.

Is Queenstown Singapore a good place to live?

The area is a magnet for both expats, and younger Singaporeans. Accommodation is as you would imagine very mixed with ‘mature’ estates in Ghim Moh and Commonwealth, and relatively young and up-market areas such as Holland Road. Queenstown is a bit of an education hotspot.

Is Commonwealth part of Queenstown?

Commonwealth is a subzone of Queenstown, located in the central-western part of Singapore. It is named after the Commonwealth of Nations.

Which of the following facilities is found in Singapore’s first satellite town?

It was envisaged that the satellite town would have amenities such as shops, schools, factories, playing fields, cinemas, churches, libraries, markets, as well as other community and public buildings.

How many people are in Queenstown?

Estimated resident population, 1996-2021

Queenstown-Lakes District New Zealand
Year Level Change
2018 42,500 1.8%
2019 44,800 1.6%
2020 47,400 2.2%

Is Queenstown a mature estate?

A highly anticipated BTO project is Queen’s Arc in Queenstown – one of the most sought-after mature housing estates in Singapore’s oldest town – where 610 three-room and four-room flats are on offer across two blocks. The site is next to Alexandra Hospital and is bounded by Queen’s Crescent and Queensway Drive.

Why is Queenstown Singapore so popular?

The town of many ‘firsts’ When the Housing Development Board (HDB) took over in 1960, Queenstown became the pioneer town for modern Singapore’s first public housing ambitions. Over 90 per cent of Singaporeans today live in HDB flats, and the very first ones, 45, 48, and 49 Stirling Road, were built in Queenstown.

Why is Queenstown Singapore called Queenstown?

Queenstown was named after Queen Elizabeth II to mark her coronation in 1952. Queenstown is the first satellite town in Singapore. The town was built by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) in the 1950s, and its subsequent development in the 1960s was taken over by HDB.

How many people visit Queenstown per year?

1,306,572 tourists
How many tourists visit Queenstown each year? Over 1,306,572 tourists and other travellers visited Queenstown in the year ending December 2018.

Is Woodlands a non-mature estate?

Jurong, Sengkang and Woodlands are listed as non-mature. These estates are very well-connected with bus routes and the MRT, have many amenities, such as shopping malls and parks, and there are established schools in the town. This is similar to that of Tampines and Pasir Ris, which are listed as mature estates.

Is Kovan matured estate?

While pricier, the Kovan Wellspring Hougang BTO project is still one of the more affordable flats. Their location in a non-mature estate makes them cheaper than most other projects in the launch.

What is the population of Queenstown?

Queenstown is bounded by the Ulu Pandan Canal, Ghim Moh Housing Estate and the former Tanglin Camp area to the north, Alexandra Road to the east, Clementi Road to the west and the sea to the south. It covers an area of approximately 2,188 ha. The total population (1990 census) is 126,071 with 31,131 housing units.

Where is Queenstown Singapore?

Queenstown is a planning area and satellite residential town situated on the south-westernmost fringe of the Central Region of Singapore. It borders Bukit Timah to the north, Tanglin to the northeast, Bukit Merah to the east and southeast, as well as Clementi to the northwest and west.

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What is it like to live in Queenstown?

Developed by the Singapore Improvement Trust in the 1950s and subsequently by the Housing and Development Board in the 1960s, Queenstown was the first satellite town to be built in the country. Most apartments within the township consists of simple one, two, or three-room flats, typically in low-rise, walk-up blocks.