What disease does Chloe have in Pitch Perfect?

What disease does Chloe have in Pitch Perfect?

vocal nodules
After the first (failed) official Barden Bellas performance with the new members in front of the students, Chloe reveals to the group that she has vocal nodules.

What did taps mean in pitch perfect 3?

When the Bellas are up to perform, they sing “Cheap Thrills” but are interrupted when “Taps” plays over the loudspeaker, embarrassing them. After the show, Emily comes in to encourage the Bellas to not feel sorry for themselves and to go out for the night.

Is nodes a real thing?

Vocal cord nodules, sometimes called singer’s nodules or nodes, result from repetitive overuse or misuse of the voice. These callous-like growths develop in the midpoint of the vocal folds. Vocal cord nodules look like calluses under the microscope and are occasionally associated with abnormal blood vessels.

Are vocal nodules real?

Vocal cord nodules (referred to as “vocal fold” nodules by physicians) are growths that form on the vocal cords. These bumps are benign (noncancerous) and are similar to calluses that can form on the hands. Nodules affect girls and boys of any age, and are a common cause of voice issues in both children and adults.

Is Pitch Perfect LGBT?

While Pitch Perfect is the queerest franchise in Hollywood by default with more overt references than any other — The Bellas also do have one out queer member, Cynthia Rose (Ester Dean) — these small flashes of proud playfulness are quickly dashed without a trace by shoehorned male love interests and a constant …

What does it mean to be a pitch perfect person?

Definition of pitch-perfect. : sensitive to or having exactly the right tone or style a pitch-perfect translation The political newcomer launched and led a pitch-perfect race over the summer.— Mattie Kahn.

What is perfect pitch (absolute pitch)?

Updated March 17, 2017. Perfect pitch (also referred to as absolute pitch) is the incredibly rare ability of a person to instantaneously identify or sing any given musical note without a reference pitch. It is estimated that 1/10,000 people in the USA are born with this cognitive trait.

Is perfect pitch an all-or-nothing ability?

However, research conducted at the University of Chicago on the science of auditory learning has complicated the idea that perfect pitch is an all-or-nothing ability that only a select few can acquire if they learn music early in life during a “critical period” of sensitivity.

What can you do with perfect pitch?

On the plus side, the possessor of perfect pitch can tune a musical instrument without aid, correctly judge whether or not a piece of music is being played in the correct key, and identify specific instruments as playing in or out of tune. This skill would certainly come in handy for a piano tuner, instrument maker, or conductor.