What did Leo Gordon go to jail for?

What did Leo Gordon go to jail for?

armed robbery
Convicted of armed robbery, he served five years in San Quentin Prison, where he furthered his education by reading nearly every book in the library. Gordon took advantage of the benefits accorded him as part of the G.I. Bill and began taking acting lessons at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (ADA).

Was Leo Gordon in the military?

Born in Brooklyn on Dec. 2, 1922, Mr. Gordon joined the Army in 1941 but ”couldn’t take rules” and was honorably discharged after about two years, said his daughter, Tara Gordon.

Who played Luke Comstock Andy Griffith?

Leo Gordon
Leo Gordon, who portrays wounded ex-convict Luke Comstock, had himself been wounded in a robbery attempt and served time in San Quentin.

How did Michael Clarke Duncan passed away?

Duncan died of heart complications (caused by theattack he had suffered two months prior) on September 3, 2012, at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was 54 years old.

Who was Leo Gordon married to?

Lynn CartwrightLeo Gordon / Spouse (m. 1950–2000)Lynn Cartwright was an American character actress known for her performance as the older version of Geena Davis’ character, Dottie Hinson, in the 1992 film A League of Their Own. Wikipedia

Does Jeff Gordon’s son race?

The 7-year-old son of Jeff Gordon is officially certified and ready to race at the North Carolina Quarter Midget Association Speedway. Father Jeff, he of 93 career Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series victories, is playing the role of proud papa on Instagram this week. Leo is officially ready to race!

Who played Rafe Hollister Andy Griffith?

He performed in Broadway plays, sang in nightclubs, and was a regular on a 1955 television variety show. Prince is best remembered for playing Rafe Hollister on The Andy Griffith Show….Jack Prince (singer)

Jack Prince
Resting place Hillside Memorial Park Redlands, California
Other names Jack Prince
Occupation Singer, actor

Was Leo Gordon married?

Lynn CartwrightLeo Gordon / Spouse (m. 1950–2000)